Is Tammy Pregnant By Waka? Tammy Rivera’s Baby Daddy Revealed

Is Tammy Pregnant By Waka? Tammy Rivera’s pregnancy has been the top concern of news headlines for the past week. As much as people are curious to know if the rumored pregnancy is true or not and fans have been having a hard time figuring out the reality behind it, another matter of concern is her baby daddy.

Speculations suggest that Tammy is pregnant by Waka Flaka. The rumor sprang up because of obvious reasons- the two were in a loving relationship and Tammy Rivera has never been seen dating anyone after parting ways with Waka.

Fans speculate that the two might get back together. Keep reading the article to know if Tammy is pregnant by Waka. Is it true that Waka is the father of Tammy’s unborn child or is it just a part of wild fantasies made by fans who still ship the couple?

Who Is Tammy Rivera Pregnant By? Who Is Her Baby Daddy?

Is Tammy Pregnant By Waka?

is tammy pregnant by waka

No, Tammy is not pregnant by Waka. Tammy Rivera broke the internet by dropping a post on her Instagram where fans could spot her visible baby bump. The post was seen as an announcement of her pregnancy and the fans have not sat down for a second since then.

There have been various speculations regarding the possible father of Tammy’s baby. Many fans believe that it must be Waka Flocka with whom Tammy Rivera was previously associated.

However, Tammy has not yet revealed any information on the same. She has not yet addressed the rumors and it feels that she would only reveal the identity of her baby’s father at a later stage in pregnancy.

Is Tammy Rivera Pregnant? Latest Instagram Post Spark Speculations!

Relationship Between Tammy And Waka

is tammy pregnant by waka

Tammy and Waka were previously married. The two love birds tied the knot in May 2014 after years of dating. However, the two decided to get separated for good in 2022. According to Atlanta Blackstar, it was Tammy who decided to walk away.

The Neighborhood Talk‘s Instagram page also reposted the picture posted by Tammy Rivera and the comments there will blow your mind. people have been curious to know if there are still strings attached between Waka and Tammy and more so, furious if there are any. A lot of fans do not want them together, as seen in their comments-

“Somebody check on Waka ion think he scrolled down.”

“Waka was on his way, punching the air and crying in the car….I know his type.”

“I know Waka stopped breathing.”

“Waka would’ve pulled out all his dreads.”

“I was finna say waka finna be pisssedddd.”