Is Tate McRae Gay? Advocacy for LGBTQ+ Community Sparks Speculations!

Is Tate McRae gay? Tate McRae, the multi-talented Canadian artist, has been making waves in the entertainment industry since a young age.

Rising to fame as the first Canadian finalist on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ at just thirteen, she’s captivated audiences with her singing, songwriting, dancing, and acting.

With hit songs like “You Broke Me First” and “One Day,” she’s become an international sensation and earned a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Her music has resonated with fans worldwide, and her debut studio album, ‘I Used to Think I Could Fly,’ garnered critical acclaim.

Recently, questions about her sexual orientation have emerged, prompting curiosity and speculation. In this article, we’ll delve into the rumors surrounding Tate McRae’s sexuality to uncover the truth.

Is Tate McRae Gay?

is tate mcrae gay

No, Tate McRae is not gay. Tate McRae’s strong connection to the LGBTQ+ community has led some to question her own sexual orientation.

While she has been a vocal and supportive ally of the LGBTQ+ community, her stance is rooted in a long history of embracing diversity and acceptance, especially from her time in the dance world.

In a 2022 Pride interview with Audacy, she expressed her unwavering support for people of all orientations and identities, emphasizing the importance of creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels accepted.

Additionally, her friendships and relationships also provide insights into her sexual orientation. She has been open about her close friendship with Olivia Rodrigo, but when it comes to her romantic relationships, Tate McRae has only dated men in the past.

This fact, along with her supportive stance towards the LGBTQ+ community, should make it clear that her sexual orientation is straight.

Tate McRae’s dedication to fostering a more inclusive world is a testament to her belief in acceptance and love for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

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Who Is Tate McRae Currently Dating?

is tate mcrae gay

Tate McRae has been in a relationship with Canadian ice hockey center Cole Sillinger since 2021. What’s particularly interesting is that Cole once revealed that Tate was his celebrity crush, and this crush turned into a real-life romance.

Their journey started when they began talking, and they made it Instagram official in 2021 when Tate posted a photo of their vacation together.

In an interview with ET Canada, Tate mentioned that Cole was a friend of her brother, which seemingly made their connection even more special.

Now, as for Cole Sillinger, he’s been making a name for himself in the NHL since being drafted 12th overall by the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2021.

He quickly transitioned into the professional league, making his NHL debut during the 2021-22 season and racking up 143 games over two seasons.

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Notably, he’s not just known for his skills on the ice; he’s also garnered attention for being the boyfriend of the talented Tate McRae. Despite their high-profile status, the couple has managed to keep their dating life relatively private.

While they don’t frequently share pictures of each other on Instagram, the fact that they still follow each other suggests that their relationship is going strong. It’s a testament to their commitment to maintaining some level of privacy amidst the spotlight.