Is Tekashi69 Gay? Kissing a Man Sparks Speculation About 6ix9ine’s Sexuality!

The GOOBA rapper 6ix9ine is well-known for both his rapping and his unique appearance. The bizarre haircuts worn by 6ix9ine are likewise well-liked by the public. Many people believe that his multicolored, lengthy braids hint that he is gay.

In addition to this, a picture of him kissing a man has been circulating on Twitter recently, which has made many fans speculate about the rapper’s sexuality. Yet, are they accurate? Or are these merely untrue rumors? Learn all there is to know about 6ix9ine’s sexual preference in this article!

Is Tekashi69 Gay?

No, Tekashi 69 Is Not Gay. The photo that has gone viral on Twitter of Tekashi 69 kissing a man has caught the attention of the rapper recently, leading many to assume that he is gay. He has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations that he is dating the man in the picture.

The rapper is, in fact, currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Rachel Wattley, so it is obvious that he is straight and not gay. However, this doesn’t stop fans from speculating that he is gay.

The GOOBA rapper is still the target of many speculations because of the way he wears his hair as well. He has long, braided hair that is multicolored, which leads many people to believe he is gay.

But, we cannot imply that he is gay simply because he enjoys maintaining his long, multicolored hair. In reality, 6ix9ine has been in numerous relationships with women and has never dated a man. The American rapper has two children.

Tekashi 69 and Sara Molina became pregnant at the age of 18, and their daughter was born on October 29, 2015. With Marlayna M., he has a second daughter who was born on November 19, 2018.

Additionally, there are numerous rumors that Tekashi 69 has texted Lil Nas X and has romantic feelings for the Montero rapper. Lil Nas X uploaded a video on TikTok in March 2021 in which he responded to 6ix9ine’s words.

Lil Nas X didn’t stop there, though; he later showed his followers a screenshot of 6ix9ine seemingly sneaking into his direct messages. According to the photo, 6ix9ine spoke with Lil Nas X, like saying,

“Gonna be in ya city soon, what you doing, lol?”

It for sure seems that 6ix9ine was attracted to Lil Nas X on a romantic level. But in response to Lil Nas X, 6ix9ine has said that the DM is false and that the two haven’t been exchanging messages. Nonetheless, 6ix9ine could have just removed them.

Lil Nas X hasn’t responded to 6ix9ine’s claims that his post was false as of yet. There are therefore some admirers who are skeptical of 6ix9ine’s sexual orientation. The controversy is still an ongoing debate, and the internet is divided into two parts.

Despite this, he apparently hasn’t dated any men and hasn’t come out as gay. Therefore, it is safe to say that Tekashi 69 is straight and not gay.

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Who is Tekashi 69 Currently Dating?

Is Tekashi 69 Gay?

Many followers are confused as to who Tekashi 69’s girlfriend is because his Instagram profile is flooded with images of numerous women.

Rapper Tekashi’s current girlfriend is Jade or Rachel Wattley. She announced that she is expecting a child on her Instagram just a few days ago. Their child will be their first together, according to Married Biography.

Tekashi 69’s Dating History

Sara Molina

Is Tekashi 69 Gay?

Rapper Tekashi 69 and model Molina started dating around the start of 2011. They were introduced via a common friend. When they first started dating, Tekashi 69 was just 16 years old and not quite as well-known as he is today.

After two years of dating, the couple made the decision to move in together. In 2015, the couple welcomed their daughter, Saraiyah.

As Tekashi allegedly started having sex with multiple different women, including his current girlfriend Jade, their relationship took a turn. In 2018, the ex-couple eventually called it quits.

Marlayna M

Is Tekashi 69 Gay?

In 2018, 6ix9ine and Marlayna started dating. But so far they haven’t stayed together for more than a year. Layna is primarily recognized for her relationship with the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Layna rarely discusses her relationship with 6ix9ine and their daughter, 2, in public. However, Layna confirmed in December 2020 that 6ix9ine had yet to meet his two-year-old daughter. About her remarks, 6ix9ine has not offered any response.

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Is Tekashi 69 Gay?

In the midst of a contentious period with Molina in November 2018, Tekashi started dating Jade. A few weeks before the rapper was sentenced to prison on counts of racketeering, they started dating. However, as of March 2023, the pair is still strong as a unit. In fact, Jade recently informed her Instagram followers that she was pregnant.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tekashi 69

Who is Tekashi 69?

6ix9ine, also known as Tekashi 69, is a rapper from the United States.

What is Tekashi 69’s Real Name?

Daniel Hernandez is the real name of Tekashi 69.

Is Tekashi 69 Gay?

No, Tekashi 69 is not gay.

Who is Tekashi 69’s Boyfriend?

Tekashi 69 is straight and doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Who is Tekashi 69’s Girlfriend?

Jade, or Rachel Wattley, is the current girlfriend of rapper Tekashi. In fact, Jade recently informed her Instagram followers that she was pregnant.

Did Tekashi 69 Cheat on His Ex-Wife?

Sara Molina claimed that Tekashi 69 confessed to having several STDs after having an extramarital affair with numerous women. But Tekashi 69 denied all the allegations and, in turn, said that Molina is cheating on him.

Are Tekashi 69 and Jade Still Together?

As of March 2023, Tekashi 69 and Jade are still together. Jade is in fact pregnant with his child and posted the news on her Instagram just a few days ago.

Has Tekashi 69 Ever Won a Grammy?

No, Tekashi 69 has never won a Grammy.

What is Tekashi 69’s Net Worth?

According to CA Knowledge, Tekashi 69 has an estimated net worth of $11 million.