Is the Vicar in Coronation Street Gay in Real Life? Exploring Daniel Brocklebank’s Personal Life!

Is the Vicar in Coronation Street gay in real life? In the captivating world of soap operas, the characters we see on screen often lead us to wonder about the lives of the actors who bring them to life.

One such intriguing figure is Daniel Brocklebank, the talented British actor recognized for his notable roles, including Ivan Jones in Emmerdale and the beloved Rev. Billy Mayhew in Coronation Street.

As the character of Rev. Billy has been portrayed as gay on the small screen, the curiosity about Daniel’s real-life sexual orientation has piqued the interest of many fans.

Beyond his soap opera stardom, Daniel’s career boasts performances in acclaimed films like Shakespeare in Love and The Hole.

Join us as we delve into the question on everyone’s mind: Is the Vicar in Coronation Street gay in real life, just like the character Daniel so convincingly plays? Let’s uncover the truth behind the actor’s off-screen identity.

Is the Vicar in Coronation Street Gay in Real Life?

is the vicar in coronation street gay in real life

Yes, Daniel Brocklebank, the versatile actor behind the character of Vicar Rev. Billy in Coronation Street, has been open about his sexuality in real life and is a proud gay man.

At the age of 41, Daniel made the decision to share this aspect of his identity after gaining recognition in the 1998 hit movie Shakespeare in Love. In his own words, he expressed:

“I pretend for a living, I didn’t want to pretend in my private life. When you spend your life on screen, it’s important to hold on to the bits that are real. Who I am in my real life should bear no relevance to what I play on screen.”

However, this candid revelation came with its challenges. Daniel disclosed that his decision to come out in the 1990s did indeed have an impact on his career. Recalling that time, he shared:

“I came out publicly just after Shakespeare in Love was released, so I would have been 18. I remember my management in Los Angeles trying to convince me not to come out because they said it would affect work – and it did.

I stopped being screen-tested for the heterosexual male leads and was either the gay best friend or the character parts. It was more in America than in Britain, but it was still very prevalent.”

Despite facing obstacles, Daniel’s authenticity both on and off the screen serves as a testament to his commitment to keeping it real in an industry that often blurs the lines between fiction and reality.

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Who Is Daniel Brocklebank Currently Dating?

is the vicar in coronation street gay in real life

Daniel Brocklebank is currently dating his boyfriend Jordan Coulthard. The 43-year-old actor shared a heartwarming photo earlier this year with his boyfriend, Jordan Coulthard, exuding happiness as they celebrated Jordan’s latest music release.

Sporting a classic look with a shirt and waistcoat, Daniel beamed at the camera while Jordan affectionately placed his hand across Daniel’s stomach. The caption read, “Very proud of this one @_coulthard. His latest single is out today!! #GoldenBrown.”

This new chapter in Daniel’s love life comes after a few ups and downs, including a previous relationship with co-star Rob Mallard and a romance with boyfriend Stuart Hatton in 2019.

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The Sun revealed that Daniel and Stuart amicably parted ways due to their busy schedules, emphasizing mutual respect and well-wishes for each other’s paths.

Now, with his latest romance, it seems that Daniel Brocklebank is indeed on the right path, embracing love and celebrating the achievements of his talented partner, Jordan Coulthard.