Is There Evidence that Pete Davidson Travelled to Space?

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Is There Evidence that Pete Davidson Travelled to Space?

Kim and Pete Davidson are seen discussing the SNL star heading to space on this week’s episode of The Kardashians. But did that really occur?

Fans are still interested in Kim and Pete’s relationship even after they split up earlier this year.

Following Kim’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, the two began dating. Due to their hectic schedules and considerable distance, they broke up after nine months of dating, according to E!

Did Pete Davidson Go to Space?

Pete did not travel to space.

On Blue Origin’s 20th voyage, which was initially scheduled for March 23, the comedian was supposed to travel to space together with five other crew members.

Pete will no longer be a part of the mission, Blue Origin revealed in a tweet on March 18th.

The message read: “Tuesday, March 29 has been changed as the date for Blue Origin’s 20th flight of New Shepard. Pete Davidson can no longer travel on this mission with the NS-20 crew. In the upcoming days, we will make the sixth crew member public.

Why Was the Comedian Not a Part of The Mission?

Pete appeared to be eager to travel to space, but he was sadly unable to board Blue Origin’s 20th voyage. Kim explains the reason to her younger sister Kylie.

Are you thrilled that Pete is going to space, Kylie, asks. Kim replies, “I don’t think it’s happening. Conflicts in schedule result from the flight’s change of date.

Pete’s schedule apparently conflicted with the date because he was reportedly busy making a movie at the time. Kim truly felt sorry for Pete since he was eager to be “away from everyone.”

Kim overhears Pete’s remark, “I’m sure Pete would want nothing more than to go off of this planet right now and would love to fly to space to escape away from everyone.

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NS-20 Crew

On March 31, the 20th flight of Blue Origin was successfully launched.

Marty Allen, Sharon Hage, Marc Hagle, Gary Lai, Jim Kitchen, and Geoge Nield made up the NS-20 crew. Their entire bio is available here.

According to Blue Origin’s website, “forecasted high winds” and “recovery procedures” caused the launch of NS-20 to be delayed significantly.

Based in Kent, Washington, Blue Origin is a private spaceflight business. Jeff Bezos, executive chairman of Amazon, launched it in 2000.

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