Is Tony Maudsley Gay? What Is the Sexuality Coronation Street’s Star?

Is Tony Maudsley gay? British actor Tony Maudsley is best known for playing George Shuttleworth in the ITV serial opera Coronation Street (2020–present) and hairdresser Kenneth Du Beke in the popular ITV sitcom Benidorm.

Martin from the BBC One series Eyes Down (2003–2004) and Graham from the ITV2 sitcom The Job Lot (2013–2014) are among his other prominent roles.

Tony Maudsley has been making headlines as Coronation Street fans can’t get over the 55-year-old actor’s incredible weight loss as a result his personal life has come into the spotlight.

On the internet, there have been speculations that Tony Maudsley is gay. So are these rumors true? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the actor’s sexual orientation.

Is Tony Maudsley Gay?

is tony maudsley gay

Currently, Tony Maudsley’s sexuality remains undisclosed. The Coronation Street star has managed to keep his personal life quite private, leaving his true sexuality largely unknown to the public.

However, his portrayal of the openly gay character Kenneth Du Beke on the popular ITV comedy series Benidorm has sparked speculation about his own sexual orientation.

In an interview with Glasgow Times Tony did talk about portraying a gay character, the coronation street star said.

“I was all too aware that the gay community wanted gay men to be a lawyer or a doctor as opposed to a hotpants-wearing hairdresser. 

“But then I realised I’d actually met many people who were that camp. Kenneth is real. He’s three dimensional.

“And what I considered was these (camp) people hadn’t been represented on television in 20 years.

“There hadn’t been a Kenneth-type since the days of John Inman in Are You Being Served? And I reckoned why shouldn’t a Kenneth appear on television now?”

Kenneth’s popularity suggests society has gone beyond mocking camp figures?”

The convincing and endearing way in which he brought Kenneth to life led many to wonder if there might be a connection between the character and Tony’s own identity.

Adding to the intrigue, Tony has never explicitly addressed or refuted these rumors, which has only fueled further speculation.

While it’s important to remember that an actor’s on-screen roles don’t necessarily reflect their real-life preferences.

Tony Maudsley’s decision to keep this aspect of his life private has only heightened the curiosity and discussions surrounding his sexuality.

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Is Tony Maudsley Married?

is tony maudsley gay

No, Tony Maudsley is not married. When it comes to his personal life, Tony Maudsley remains as enigmatic as ever.

The Coronation Street star has managed to keep his marital status under wraps, leaving fans in the dark about whether he’s in a relationship with someone or not.

Similarly, his dating life appears to be a well-kept secret. Despite some thorough social media scrolling, there’s little to no trace of any romantic involvement on his profiles.

Tony’s tight-lipped approach to discussing these matters has left curious minds with little to work with.

It’s worth mentioning that in the past, there were whispers of a possible relationship between Tony Maudsley and fellow Coronation Street co-star Lisa George.

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However, these speculations were likely just fueled by their on-screen chemistry and professional camaraderie.

Until Tony himself chooses to shed light on these aspects of his life, it seems we’ll have to respect his privacy and continue enjoying his work on screen.