Is William Gao Gay? Portrayal of Tao Xu in ‘Heartstopper’ Spark Speculations!

Is William Gao Gay: Actor and musician William Gao is well-known for his breakthrough performance as Tao Xu in the Netflix series Heartstopper (2022).

For Heartstopper he was nominated for an Outstanding Supporting Performance Award from the Children’s and Family Emmy Awards.

Gao is half of the musical group Wasia People Are Project, which also includes his younger sister Olivia Hardy. How Can I Pretend?, their debut EP, was released in May 2022.

William Gao was a relatively unknown actor who had just graduated from college a little over a year ago. But not anymore!

Gao is in high demand following his performance as the lead in the LGBT coming-of-age film Heartstopper, which garnered over 53 million hours of viewing time in its first three weeks on Netflix.

As a result of his growing notoriety, people are now increasingly curious about his personal life, particularly his sexual orientation given his gay character in the Netflix series Heartstopper.

So is William Gao gay in real life too? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the actor’s sexual orientation.

Is William Gao Gay?

is william gao gay

It is not known whether William Gao is gay or not. According to the information that is currently accessible, William Gao has not publicly discussed his sexual orientation.

Although he made his acting debut as Tao Xu in the LGBTQ-focused community series “Heartstopper,” there is no proof of his sexual orientation in real life.

Tao Xu, played by William Gao, was Charlie’s best buddy in the April 22, 2022 Netflix series “Heartstopper. The eight-episode series, which is based on a graphic novel and was created by Euros Lyn, revolves around a high school friendship and transsexual love.

The drama centers on the lives of two British teenagers: Joe Locke and Kit Connor separately play the roles of openly gay overthinker Charlie and upbeat and kindhearted rugby player Nick.

William Gao maintains his secret sexuality and personal life despite playing an LGBTQ role. His participation in the LGBTQ-themed series led to speculation regarding his sexual orientation.

However, it is crucial to make a distinction between an actor’s on-screen persona and their true identity. The portrayal of LGBTQ people in “Heartstopper” is admirable, although it may not accurately depict the actors’ private life.

It’s important to respect someone’s privacy and give them the freedom to decide when and how to talk about their sexual orientation.

We must respect William Gao’s work as an actor and promote LGBTQ media representation while also acknowledging that he is free to share personal information about his sexual orientation if he so chooses.

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Who Is William Gao Dating?

is william gao gay

William Gao is not dating anyone as of now. As already mentioned the actor has just risen to fame and is just 19 years old so there is very less information regarding his personal life available online.

Even in an interview with the British GQ magazine, William Gao expressed how he has thrown into adulthood at just 19 years of age he said:

“I’m still a young guy, who has been thrown into adulthood. I look at my peers, who went to universities across the country, and while I’m so grateful for my life right now. There are mad parallels which really position me away from other 19-year-olds.”

As the Heartstopper star has himself mentioned that he is still young, so it might be possible that he is just focusing on his career as of now.

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What Is William Gao’s Ethnicity?

is william gao gay

William Gao has British-Chinese mixed ethnicity. Gao is from South Croydon and was born in 2002 or 2003.

His parents are an English father and a Chinese woman who immigrated to England when she was in her 20s.

He attended the Trinity School, where in 2022 he earned A Level diplomas in theater, music, and Chinese.

At the age of 11, he began playing the classical piano and joined the Trinity Boys Choir. In May 2019, he joined the National Youth Theatre.