Is Yung Gravy Gay? Debunking His Sexuality!

Is Yung Gravy Gay? Matthew Raymond, who is better known by his stage name, Yung Gravy, is back on the top of the search tables with yet another rumor circulating about his personal life. The entrepreneur, songwriter, and producer who has inspired thousands of people, is again being subject to questions regarding his sexuality.

We are here to debunk the rumors regarding Yung Gravy being gay. The rumors have been in the air sing Yung Gravy debuted in 2017.

Keep reading the article to know the truth behind the crazy rumors and to know if Yung Gravy is gay or if are these just another set of rumors that took form originating from the trolls.

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Is Yung Gravy Gay?

is yung gravy gay

No, Yung Gravy is not gay. There are no evidence to support the rumors claiming Yung Gravy is gay or transgender. Moreso, even if the star was gay or trans, we shall wait for him to make a revelation himself and support him in his journey of coming out of the closet.

However, for now, we shall discard these rumors as baseless. Yung Gravy has never made any public announcement about his sexuality on his seven international tours. Neither has he addressed the rumors in interviews and talk shows.

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Yung Gravy Love Life

is yung gravy gay

The love life of Yung Gravy is a little complex. The star had previously revealed that he was engaged however, kept it a secret. Later, in 2018, Yung Gravy confirmed his engagement with Brandi Love via Twitter.

Seems like a cute love story doesn’t it? But no, there’s a twist- in the image shared by Gravy on his social media account, Brandi Love was already wearing a ring on her ring finger. It is also claimed that she was married to Chris Potoski at the time.

Up recently, there were rumors that he is dating Sofia Vergara. The rumors began after the engagement photos of the two were released on the internet. However, Gravy cleared up while talking to ET Canada that it was a photoshopped engagement photo and he was shocked that people fell for it.