“Jake Paul and Julia Rose: An Update on Their Relationship Status”

jake paul and julia rose still together

In the ring or on YouTube, Jake Paul has never failed to astound his followers. His real life is also as spectacular and vibrant as he. Here, we are discussing Julia Rose, the woman that Jake Paul has been dating on and off for a long.

Paul has been dating Julia Rose for a sizable period of time. Where Julia Rose is right now, though, is unavoidably on everyone’s mind.

What Way to Jake Paul and Julia Rose Knew Each Other?

Jake Paul and Julia Rose had a really unusual encounter. Paul was putting the finishing touches on his music video for “These Days” in 2019. In the video, he needed a woman to portray the role of the antagonist.

Rose was cast at that point. The pair declared their relationship after being seen together multiple times. Nevertheless, the two had some bumps in the road. Rose used to be a model and an influencer before she met Paul.

jake paul and julia rose still together

She was a prominent reality TV personality who even participated in the popular MTV reality program “Are you the one?” Paul, on the other hand, had just begun his professional boxing career and had a very successful YouTube career at the time.

Following that, Paul and Rose’s relationship was very bittersweet. Paul admitted to picking the wrong rose once more in a post on Instagram in December 2022, leading some to believe they had broken up once more.

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Are They Still Together?

We must first look at their breakup history before we can respond to that question. When they first met in 2019, they had broken up more than four times. In 2019, they divorced, which at the time made headlines. He also dated Tana Mongeau at that time.

Following that, in 2020, only days after Paul’s breakup with Mongeau, Rose, and Paul rekindled their romance. Paul began an NFT project called StickDix in 2021. Then he updated his Twitter account, which roused them once more.

This time, he dumped Rose since she failed to generate even a single StickDix NFT. It continued after that. They nearly split up again in 2022, and in April of that year, they finally did.

Jake Paul said in a video that he had broken up with Rose. He disclosed in his post from October that Julia was ejected from the boxing ring while he was getting ready to face Anderson Silva.

Paul eventually started dating Rose once more. Before it lasted very long, Paul announced their breakup in a photo on Instagram in December. These antics helped the pair establish themselves as the boxing world’s standard drama trope, in a way.

In preparation for his PFL debut, Jake Paul. What might occur between these two in the future is unknown at this point.

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