James Conner Ethnicity: Unveiling His Ethnicity, Family Background and Siblings

James Conner Ethnicity: James Conner is a professional American football player. He currently plays as a running back for the Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League (NFL). Before his NFL career, he played college football for the University of Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Steelers selected him in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Back in 2014, Conner received a lot of recognition for his football skills. He was named to the AFCA first-team All-American, which is a big honor in college football. Additionally, he was given the ACC Player of the Year award.

With James Conner’s rise in popularity, many people are curious about his personal life and background, particularly his ethnicity. If you’re a fan who wants to learn more about James Conner’s ethnicity, keep reading this article, as we’ll provide you with all the details you need to know.

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James Conner Ethnicity

James Conner Ethnicity

James Conner has a mixed ethnicity. According to one source on the internet, his mom is Caucasian, which means she has white ethnicity, and his biological dad had African roots, which means he had black ethnicity. James was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, in the United States, so he’s an American citizen.

Now, people on Reddit are having a humorous conversation about James Conner’s diverse heritage. Some folks are joking that he might be part god and part human because of how incredibly well he plays on the football field.

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James Conner Parents

James Conner Parents

James Conner was raised by his parents, Gien Conner Sr. and Kelly Patterson. Gien is his stepfather, and we don’t know the name of his biological father.

In addition to his stepfather, James also has a stepbrother named Rico, who is from his mother’s new marriage. He has three brothers besides Rico: Glen, Michael, and Richard. James is the youngest among these five siblings.

James’ biological parents went through a divorce in 1999 when he was just four years old. It’s worth noting that Kelly, his mother, was only 17 years old when she became a mother for the first time.