E Jean Carroll Net Worth: Unveiling the Financial Success of The Renowned Writer and Journalist!

Elizabeth Jean Carroll is a journalist, author, and advice columnist from the United States. From 1993 to 2019, her “Ask E. Jean” column appeared in Elle magazine, making it one of the longest-running advice columns in American publishing.

In her 2019 book, What Do We Need Men For?, the author argues: Carroll accused Les Moonves and Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in the mid-1990s in A Modest Proposal. Trump and Moonves both denied the allegations. Carroll subsequently sued Trump for defamation and battery in the New York Supreme Court. A jury awarded her $5 million on May 9, 2023, after finding Trump liable for defamation and sexual abuse against her.

How Did Jean Carroll Grow Up?

jean carroll net worth

Elizabeth Jean Carroll was born in Michigan in 1943. She was also known as “Jeannie” Her father was an inventor, Thomas F. Carroll Jr. and her mother was a politician in Allen County, Indiana. Carroll, the eldest of four children, was reared with her two sisters and one brother in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

She attended the University of Indiana. She was a member of Pi Beta Phi and a cheerleader, and she was elected Miss Indiana University in 1963 and Miss Cheerleader USA in 1964 as the university’s representative. In 1965, she appeared on To Tell the Truth.

Net Worth of Jean Carroll

Name E Jean Carroll
Net Worth $5 Million
Profession American Journalist
Date of Birth 12 December 1943

As of May 2023, Jean Carroll has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. The majority of E Jean Carroll’s net worth is due to her achievement as an American journalist.

Sexual Assault Allegations

jean carroll net worth

E Jean Carroll is a writer who alleged sexual assault against two powerful individuals. She claimed that former CBS executive Les Moonves assaulted her in a hotel elevator in the 1990s.

Carroll also claimed that former US president Donald Trump raped her in a department store in the mid-1990s. Trump denied the claim and accused Carroll of lying. Carroll filed a defamation lawsuit against Trump, alleging that he damaged her reputation and caused her emotional distress.

A judge denied the government’s request to transfer the case to federal court. Carroll sued Trump for battery and defamation in November 2022, and a jury found Trump culpable and awarded Carroll $5 million.

On May 9, 2023, it was disclosed that a New York federal jury held former President Donald Trump liable for sexually abusing Carroll in the 1990s and defaming her in 2022. He was judged not guilty of rape.

Tuesday, the court awarded the magazine writer $5 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

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Personal Life of Jean Carroll

jean carroll net worth

Carroll may have a prominent profession, but she frequently keeps her personal life out of the spotlight. Her relationship history is poorly documented, but online sources claim she has been divorced twice.

Her first husband was named Steve Byers, and she later wed John Johnson, a former television anchor and senior correspondent. According to Vanity Fair, the details of her previous marriages are currently unknown, but she has since claimed that Johnson strangled her.

“J.J. has apologized four or five times for his past behavior,” wrote Carroll.

The New York Times was unable to reach Johnson for comment on Carroll’s allegations, according to Vanity Fair. It is currently unknown whether these allegations played a factor in their divorce.

According to The New York Times, Johnson had a 30-year career in the news industry and worked at several channels, including WABC and WCBS, but can now be found in the woods, focusing on his professional painting career in his Clarkstown, New York-based art studio.

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Professional Career of Jean Carroll

jean carroll net worth

E Jean Carroll’s career exemplifies her multifaceted abilities and unwavering commitment to her craft. She has carved a unique path in journalism, writing, and media over the years, leaving an indelible mark on each discipline.

Carroll’s career acquired momentum with the publication of her widely-read advice column, “Ask E. Jean,” in Elle magazine. Her column became a reliable source of advice for readers seeking guidance on a variety of topics, ranging from relationships and professions to personal development and empowerment.

Carroll’s writing style, which was characterized by a keen wit and insightful commentary, attracted a loyal readership and established her as an authority in the field of advice columns.

Carroll has written several books in addition to her column, including memoirs and self-help volumes. Particularly, her memoirs have captivated readers with their candid and introspective accounts of her own life experiences, providing a view of her personal journey.

In addition to her writing, Carroll has appeared on television and radio, among other media platforms. Her engaging presence and magnetic personality have enabled her to communicate on a deeper level with audiences, thereby expanding her reach and influence.