Jeremy Elbertson Net Worth – Unmasking the Monetization Magic of Jerma985’s Online Ventures!

Jeremy Elbertson Net Worth: Jeremy Elbertson, better known as Jerma985, is an American YouTuber, Twitch Star, gamer, commentator, and social media influencer.

He first gained popularity for his various Team Fortress 2 video commentary series, which launched his channel. Since then, he has created numerous videos with a range of games and comedic sketches.

Many people are curious to learn more about Jeremy’s life, particularly his net worth as that is a common topic of conversation. Continue reading to understand more about his life by diving into the article.

Early Years and Education

jeremy elbertson net worth

Jerma was born to Polish and Irish parents on September 22, 1985, which currently makes him 37. After earning a Bachelor of Science in communication studies, Jerma worked as a freelance wedding videographer and substitute teacher.

Before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2018, Jerma, whose height is 5 ft 8 approx and weighs approximately 59 Kg, lived in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Jeremy Elbertson Net Worth

jeremy elbertson net worth

As of 2023, Jeremy Elbertson has an estimated net worth of $300,000. His major source of income is ads on his videos.

On his original YouTube channel, Jerma has recorded numerous videos of himself or other content creators playing Valve’s class-based shooter.

The most recent YouTube video on his primary channel was published in August 2017 and garnered over 1.1 million real-time views as of writing.

He still updates his alternate channel, 2ndJerma, frequently. After going to Twitch, Jerma, who was already pretty well-known, gained enormous popularity.

Jerma started broadcasting regularly on Twitch in November 2018, and since then, he has grown to be one of the platform’s most popular channels.

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Jerma’s Captivating Journey Through Entertainment

jeremy elbertson net worth

Jeremy Elbertson, widely known as Jerma, embarked on a diverse and entertaining career that spanned various creative platforms.

Starting with early endeavors in the online realm, he founded the now-defunct website “,” featuring video and audio snippets from his college days.

Jerma’s foray into voice acting took off when he joined Newgrounds in 2005, engaging with fellow enthusiasts on the Voice Acting Club board.

His first notable voice acting appearance was in Shaun McGlinn’s “Salty Swamp,” portraying the role of Loke the Village Idiot. Jerma’s YouTube journey began in 2011 with the creation of his channel, Jerma985.

His content revolved around the popular video game Team Fortress 2, and he leveraged his platform to raise funds for the nonprofit Camp One Step.

This led to a partnership with the Machinima network in 2011. In 2014, he initiated the quirky “Jerma Rumble” series using WWE 2K games, featuring a lineup of offbeat characters.

Transitioning to Twitch in 2016, Jerma’s streams took on an unconventional twist, featuring interactive elements and green screen antics.

One notable example was the “robot carnival” stream in 2019, where viewers controlled robots in carnival games. He continued to innovate, hosting a mock archaeology stream in collaboration with the Nevada Science Center.

Jerma’s creativity reached new heights with his “Dollhouse” streams in 2021, allowing viewers to control his actions similar to a Sims character.

These high-production streams featured both visual effects and real sets. In 2022, he signed a partnership deal with Evolved Talent Agency to fund his ambitious streaming projects.

He further engaged his audience with imaginative events like the Jerma Baseball Association game, a comedic baseball match with unique gimmicks.

Collaborations with Ludwig Ahgren, Kitboga, and the Vinesauce streaming group showcased his versatile camaraderie with fellow content creators.

Highlighting his innovation, Jerma unveiled the long-awaited trading card game “Grotto Beasts!” in early 2023, featuring contributions from various artists. Later that year, he assumed the role of chief creative officer at OFFBRAND.

Jeremy Elbertson’s career exemplifies his unwavering commitment to entertainment, his penchant for unconventional streams, and his remarkable ability to engage and captivate his audience across platforms.