Who Is Jerry Lee Lewis’ Wife, and Are There Any Children Between Them?

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Jerry Lee Lewis’ wife and did they have any children

Jerry Lee Lewis, a great vocalist, passed away on October 28. His wife and kids are still alive.

Lewis was regarded as the best of all time because he altered people’s perceptions of rock and roll.

He experienced his fair share of ups and downs in the business, but to this day, people still praise his incredible legacy.

Who Is Jerry Lee Lewis’ Wife?

Jerry had seven previous marriages, and he was dating Judith Brown when he passed away. 2012 saw the marriage of the couple. In 1952, he wed Dorothy Barton for the first time. The couple chose to go their separate ways in 1953, therefore the relationship did not survive very long.

In 1953, he married Jane Mitchum as a result. After almost four years of marriage, they decided to pursue a divorce in 1957. Jerry wed Myra Gale Brown a year later. They were a couple up to 1970. Jerry married Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate in 1971, but the couple divorced in 1982.

He later wed Shawn Stephens in 1983. However, the same year their romance ended. Jerry then wed Kerrie McCarver in 1984 as a result. They remained a couple up till 2005.

Jerry Lee Lewis’ wife and did they have any children

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Does He Have Any Children?

Jerry does really have kids. He is pleased to be the father of six kids.

Jerry Lee Lewis Jr., Ronnie Guy Lewis, and Jane were welcomed by him. Sadly, Jerry passed away in a car accident when he was 19 years old, according to Billboard.

Along with Myra, he had Steve Allen Lewis and Phoebe Allen Lewis. Steve, his son, tragically drowned at the age of three.

Along with his ex-wife Jaren, Jerry also welcomed Lori Lee Lewis into the family. Then he had Jerry Lee Lewis III with Kerrie, his ex-wife.

Jerry Lee Lewis’ wife and did they have any children

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What We Know About His Death

Jerry passed away at the age of 87. Jerry “suffered through the last years of his life from different ailments and injuries that, his physicians have often stated, should have taken him decades ago,” according to Rick Bragg, his biographer, in an interview with NBC.

At his residence in DeSoto County, Mississippi, he passed away. Rick says he told Judith “that he embraced the hereafter and that he was not afraid” while his wife was standing next to him.

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