John Aniston Is the Father of How Many Kids?

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John Aniston Is the Father of How Many Kids

Sadly, John Aniston recently away at the age of 89, and many people are curious as to how many kids he had.

The Friends actress shared his passing on Instagram after the actor, who was Jennifer Aniston’s father, passed away on November 11.

John Anthony Aniston, sweet papa. Along with a number of pictures of her father, she wrote, “You were one of the most gorgeous people I knew.

The actress said, “I am so grateful that you went soaring into the sky in peace and without pain. “And no less on 11/11! You always had the ideal moment.

“That number now has an even deeper significance for me for the rest of time. I will continue to love you forever. Remember to stop by, she added.

Let’s find out more about the actor’s personal life as tributes to him, who is best known for his role in Days of our Lives, abound on social media.

He has how many children? Continue reading to learn more about Jennifer’s siblings.

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How Many Children Does John Aniston Have?

Jennifer and Alex are John’s daughter and son, respectively.

With his first wife Nancy Dow, he gave birth to Jennifer on February 11, 1969. Sherry Rooney, John’s second wife, was his mother when Alexander John was born on May 2, 1989.

The We’re The Millers actress is exactly 20 years older than her half-brother, making Jennifer and Alex half-siblings.

Alex, who goes by the name AJ, is not well-known. He chose not to pursue acting like his father and half-sister did.


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Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferaniston) shared a blog entry.

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Jennifer Aniston has one other sibling

On her mother’s side, Jennifer also has an older half-brother named John Melick who works in the motion picture business.

He has worked on many films, including Universal Soldier (1995) and Thirteen, as an assistant director and production manager in the background (2003).

While John has a different father, they both share the same mother, Nancy Dow. His father, John T. Melick Jr., better known as Jack Melick, was a pianist and bandleader.

1956 until 1961 saw the marriage of Nancy and Jack. She met John Aniston after their divorce, and they were wed from 1965 to 1980.

John Aniston Is the Father of How Many Kids

John and Jennifer’s mother Nancy, who was also an actress, passed away in 2016, and Jack died in 2021.

The Friends actress said to Us Weekly at the time, “It is with tremendous grief that my brother John and I announce the demise of our mother Nancy Dow.”

She was 79 years old when she died away quietly in the company of her loved ones. As we mourn our loss, we kindly request that the privacy of our family be maintained.

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Meet John Aniston’s Wife Sherry

John was still wed to Sherry Rooney, the mother of his son AJ, at the time of his passing.

The two met when the 76-year-old was working as an actress on the CBS serial drama Love of Life. They were wed in 1984 and have been together for 38 years.

John Aniston Is the Father of How Many Kids

She also starred in Search for Tomorrow (1951) and Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me, according to her IMDb biography. (1951).


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