Are Kimbella and Juelz from Love and Hip Hop Still Together?

“Love and Hip Hop: New York” is the flagship installment of VH1’s massively successful reality TV franchise. This documentary provides an intimate and up-to-the-moment glimpse into the lives of some of New York City and Yonkers/New Jersey’s most famous rappers.

Most of the time, the female protagonists are hip-hop artists who are trying to make it big. Numerous musicians have been given a platform upon which to build careers since the show’s inception thanks to its widespread appeal and commercial success.

Juelz Santana is one of the rappers who saw an opportunity to become famous and joined the show. LaRon Louis James, better known by his stage as Juelz, began his rapping career in 1995 when he was just 12 years old.

In 2002, he has nominated for a Grammy thanks to his work on the song “Oh Boy” with Cameron. Juelz’s relationship with Kimbella Vanderhee, a model, has long been a source of intrigue for his many admirers, who are also attracted by his unconventional but rapidly rising career.

Viewers have likely wondered where their relationship stands between them because of their tangled history; if you share this interest, read on!

Could you tell me if Kimbella and Juelz are still together?

Could you tell me if Kimbella and Juelz are still together?

Kimbella Vanderhee and Juelz Santana, the amazing pair, are still happily married and living happily ever after. Kimbella and Juelz’s relationship has been on and off since 2009. The couple had their first child, a son named Juelz Santana James.

On September 6, 2010, they welcomed their first child. In October 2020, he sent his sweet wife a sweet birthday message. Kimbella appreciated the additional presents from Juelz Santana. After dating for a decade, Kembella and Juelz tied the knot in the first month of 2019. That means they’re still a couple.

How long has Kimbella Vanderhee been dating Juelz Santana?

How long has Kimbella Vanderhee been dating Juelz Santana?

We can confirm that Kimbella and Juelz are still together. The good news for supporters is that in August of 2020, after serving only 17 of the 27-month sentence, Juelz will be released from prison. It took the pair almost a year after their tumultuous wedding and separation to be able to move in together and start their lives together.

Their children are all grown up now, including LaRon Jr., Juelz’s first son from a prior relationship who was born in 2003. The pair also appeared on the second season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion Edition‘.

Apart from that, the family appears content, taking numerous holidays together, commemorating special occasions, and continuing to advance in their own fields.

Kimbella is an actor in music videos and a frequent partner of the clothing brand Fashion Nova, while Juelz is often on the road performing at events for his music career. As a result, we know for sure that the couple is still together and happier than ever.