The Talented Commentator and Streamer Michael “KI XST AR” Stockley, 24, Has Passed Away.

kixstar cause of death

Michael Stockley, better known as Rainbow Six Siege commentator KiXSTAr in North America, passed away on October 11, his family announced. Today, fellow commenter Interro (Parker Mackey) addressed the surprising news on Twitter.

KiXSTAr, only 24 years old when he passed away, was well-known in the R6 subreddit. In 2016, at age 19, he started providing commentary for R6.

In 2016, he was a player for Team Orbit, and in October of the same year, he made a smooth transition to broadcasting. As may be expected, he provided commentary during the third season of the inaugural R6 Pro League.

The caster was in charge of picking players for the Six Invitational and the Six Mexico Major.

What Happened To KiXSTAr?

The death of the player, who was driving alone when the tragedy occurred on October 11, was confirmed on October 13. The medical examiner ruled KiXSTAr deceased at the scene of the crash.

Twitter was flooded with messages of condolence from professional players, community members, and fans of the R6 game.

kixstar cause of death

What Has Become Of KiXSTAr?

Michael Stockley, also known by his stage name KiXSTAr, was killed in a car crash on October 11, 2021, while driving alone in California. A coroner’s report confirmed his death two days after the collision, even though he was declared dead at the scene. A statement from his family reads, “On Monday… Michael ‘Kixstar’ Stockley passed away unexpectedly,” as reported by Sports Keeda. He had so much planned for the future and he was looking forward to working with so many of you.”

They said, “Michael worked hard to elevate the R6 Siege community, and in turn, so many of you lifted him up as well. The kindness and generosity of so many of you have been overwhelming, and we will forever be thankful.

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Why Did Michael Stockley Pass Away?

One of 2021’s most popular streamers and pundits was killed in a car accident on a rural road in Alameda County. At 9:23 p.m., police were called to the scene of Michael’s car accident on Redwood Road, close to the intersection with Pinehurst Road.

The responding cops reported finding a flipped BMW 330i with the driver physically pinned inside. Firefighters arrived too late to save Michael and made the grim determination that he had passed away. The East Bay Times reports that the driver’s sobriety was not a factor in the accident. Hence, neither alcohol nor narcotics were used. Michael, thankfully, was restrained by his seatbelt at the time of the collision.

kixstar cause of death

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Why Will People Remember Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley?

KiXSTAr, at just 24 years old, had a lot going for him. R6 Siege shared their own tribute to Michael on Instagram, saying, “We express our heartfelt condolences to Michael Stockley’s family during this sad time. Michael was a shining star in our Siege community, and he will be sorely missed. Michael’s family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to a food pantry in his honor.

You may know KiXSTAr from his time as a popular streamer, commentator, and social media figure.

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