Kristin Harmon Nelson’s Tragic Life and Shocking Death Where Has Kristin Harmon Nelson Gone?

Sharon Kristin Nelson was an American primitive painter, novelist, and actress who was also notable as the daughter of American football player Tom Harmon and for her marriages to well-known American actors Ricky Nelson and Mark Tinker.

She did very well at carving out a specific audience for her paintings, which were often multi-figural and vividly colored since they were created without the use of perspective. Many famous people, like Jacqueline Kennedy and Mia Farrow, admired her works. The Day He Died and When the Kennedys Were in the White House are two of her most famous works. Kennedy acquired the latter.

Out of My Mind, a coffee table autobiography by Kristin features her paintings alongside diary entries, poems, and other writings that detail her life. She pursued a career in acting, appearing in shows like Adam-12 and movies like The Resurrection of Broncho Billy and Liar’s Moon alongside her first husband, Ricky.

Early Life and Childhood

Born on June 25, 1945, in Burbank, California, to American Football Player, Military Pilot, Sports Broadcaster, and Actor Tom Harmon and American Actress, Model, and Fashion Designer Elyse Knox, Sharon Kristin Harmon Was the Eldest of The Couple Three Children. Kelly Harmon, an Actress

And Her Brother, the Actor Mark Harmon of Tv and Movies, Are Siblings. Kristin Attended Marymount High School, Bel Air, a Private, Catholic, All-Girls, Boarding School that Prepares Its Students for College. Mia Farrow Quickly Became Her Best Friend at School.

kristin nelson cause of death

Kristin Nelson Death: And Cause of Death

Kristin Nelson Passed Away from An Uncommunicable Disease on April 27th, 2018. She Was 73 Years Old when She Passed Away. She Left Behind a Sizable Group of Friends and Relatives when She Passed Away.

Nelson’s Daughter Tracy Verified Her Mother’s Death from A Heart Attack on April 27, 2018, at Their Home in Santa Fe, New Mexico on May 1, 2018. when Asked What Would Make Tracy Happy, She Wrote, “her Heaven Would Be Her Dogs, Sushi, and A Santa Fe Sky.”

Life With Ricky Nelson

Kristin Began Dating Rock Musician Ricky Nelson on December 25, 1961, After Meeting Him For The First Time as “just Another 12-Year-Old Admirer.” Their Mutual Appreciation for Each Other’s Calm Demeanors and Upbringings as Star Children, as well as The Longstanding Friendship Between Their Families, the Couple’s Union Came as No Great Surprise.

Kristin Nelson, Who Was only 17 when She Married Ricky in A Catholic Ceremony at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Los Angeles on April 20, 1963, Became Engaged to Him in 1962.

Ricky Later Referred to The Marriage as A “shotgun Wedding” Because Kristin Was Pregnant at The Time. After Kristin’s Parents Pushed, Ricky, a Nonpracticing Protestant, Began Studying the Catholic Faith. He Made a Legal Commitment to The Couple to Bring up At Least One of Their Children as A Practicing Catholic.

kristin nelson cause of death

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Tracy Was Born to Her Parents at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California, on October 25, 1963. Together, They Had Three More Children: on September 20th, 1967 Twins Gunnar Eric Nelson and Matthew Gray Nelson, and on August 29th, 1974’s Sam Hilliard Nelson.

Ricky’s Extensive Touring, Brought on By the Family’s Ostentatious Spending Habits, Strained His Relationship with His Wife. by 1975, They Had Reached Hard Times in Their Marriage and Were on The Verge of Divorce.

Before Ricky’s 1977 Tour, Kristin Had Relocated Him out Of the Family Home and Into a Rental. Less than A Month Later, Kristin Discovered Ricky at The Rented House with Two Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders.

Ricky Claimed that Kristin Had Planned the Whole Thing so That She Could Use It as Evidence Against Him in Court. when Kristin Nelson Wanted a Divorce in October of That Year, She Also Petitioned for Child Custody of Their Four Children, as well as Alimony and A Share of The Communal Property. However, the Pair Was Able to Put Their Issues Aside for The Time Being.

Errol Flynn’s Mansion at 1941 Mulholland Drive Was Sold to Kristin and Rick in April 1980 for $750,000. Kristin Pleaded with Ricky to Stop Touring so Frequently so That He Could Spend More Time at Home and Focus on His Acting Career, but He Refused to Give up His Music. After an Already Tense Relationship Was Further Worsened by Their Argument About Ricky’s Work, Kristin Filed for Divorce Again in October 1980.

While This Was Going On, Kristin Nelson Developed an Alcohol Problem and Abandoned Her Four Kids in The Hands of The Nanny. as A Result, the Divorce Became a Very Visible and Contentious Public Event that Was Widely Reported by The Media.

in February 1981, Kristin Was Awarded Temporary Custody of The Children in Exchange for $3,600 in Spousal Support, and Ricky Was Also Ordered to Pay for Some Family Costs, Such as The Children’s School Tuition, Medical Bills, and Property Taxes. Ricky’s Divorce Was Finalized on December 27, 1982, and It Had a Severe Effect on His Finances.

kristin nelson cause of death

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During the Time that Her Parents Were Having Problems in Their Marriage, Tracy Moved in With Her Father at The House on Mulholland Drive. Later in Life, She Pursued Acting, Dancing, and Writing. when They Turned 18, Gunnar Eric and Matthew Gray Moved Back in With Their Dad. They Started Singing and Songwriting and Eventually Founded the American Rock Band Nelson.

During His Parents’ Bitter Divorce, Sam Hilliard Was First Cared for By His Aunt Kelly. from There, He Spent Time with His Maternal Grandparents Before Moving in With Kristin’s Brother Mark Harmon and His Wife Pam Dawber. While Kristin Was in Treatment for Drug Addiction in 1987, She and Mark Got Into a Custody Struggle Over Their Son Sam.

when Kristin Made the Allegations About Pam’s Cocaine Use, Mark Withdrew the Custody Petition. Kristin Is Still Sam’s Primary Caretaker, but Mark Is Allowed Visitation. Sam Is Employed in The Music Industry. Meanwhile, on December 31, 1985, Ricky Passed Away in A Plane Crash, Leaving His Estate to His Four Kids.

kristin nelson cause of death

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Second Marriage & Later Life

On April 16, 1988, American tv producer and director mark tinker wed Kristin nelson. Following the dissolution of her second marriage on May 25, 2000, she moved to Santa Fe.

Sadly, on April 27, 2018, at her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kristin nelson passed away from a heart attack, as Tracy reported on Facebook on May 1, 2018.