Is Lamar From BMF Still Alive? Behind the Last Scenes of the Characters

American drug dealer Lamar Silas. In the latest movie, Black Mafia Family, Eric Kofi-Abrefa plays the role of Silas. The film Black Mafia Family depicts the life and times of Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, two cocaine kingpin brothers from Detroit.

It’s interesting to note that Demetrius’ son, Demetrius Flenory Jr., plays the part of Demetrius, while Da’Vinchi represents Southwest T, their sibling. 50 Cent and Starz are responsible for the film’s production and release date of September 26, 2021.

A Brief Recap of the Show

A Brief Recap of the Show

Surprisingly, the show is based on the real lives and true stories of two brothers who are referred to as the Flenory brothers in the show. The sibling spent his formative years in Detroit, where he was exposed to some of the worst living situations imaginable, before finding his footing and breaking free.

While the brothers embarked on a path to become one of America’s most prominent families for all the wrong reasons, the show’s setting in the 1980s gives it a nostalgic, pop vibe. Because of their illegal endeavors in drug smuggling and money laundering, they became well-known.

In terms of commercial acumen and leadership charisma, Meech and Southwest are unrivaled. Terry Flenory, better known by his nickname, Southwest, aims to become a pop music royalty, and he hopes that his rising star status in the drug industry would help him achieve this goal.

He longs to join the ranks of the generation that helped usher in the golden age of pop music, which he believes the time had come to be recognized for.

In the season one finale, Terry is at a crossroads and must make a decision that will impact their lives forever, while Meech is forced to form an alliance that looks worrisome to others.

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Are You Alive, Lamar Silas?

The real-life OG Layton Simon served as inspiration for the fictional Lamar Silas. He’s a major player and a recurring villain thanks to his ability to switch roles from serial killer to court jester with ease. Eric Kofi-Abrefa does a great job portraying the role.

Since the stories, he told the residents of the ghetto sounded impossible and difficult to accept, but always contributed to some growth and finally formed a part of their culture, he was seen as one of the vital figures.

Season one’s eighth episode was named “The King of Detroit,” and it dealt with the characters’ efforts to establish authority in the city. Meech discovers Lamar and Kato’s plot to topple him and declares he no longer cares for Kato.

Surprised and worried that Meech now knows what he did, Lamar takes matters into his own hands by pulling out his revolver. Meech was going to follow suit when he drew his own weapon and fired. The gunshot enters his abdomen, and he hovers over Lamar as he bleeds to death on the ground.

The series finale not only marks the end of Lamar but also marks the formal launch of the BMF chain, paving the way for the next exciting season.

Where Are Lamar Silas and the BMF in the Year 2021?

Where Are Lamar Silas and the BMF in the Year 2021?

A major opponent of Detroit’s Big Meech and Southwest T., Lamar Silas is an American drug dealer. Eric Kofi-Abrefa portrays Silas in the Black Mafia Family film produced by 50 Cent. His character is portrayed in the film as the primary adversary.

Silas has not been seen by the general public in a long time, thus it is currently unknown where he is. In contrast, the Black Mafia brothers were found guilty and given a 30-year prison term in 2008.

However, Southwest T tried to get out of jail during the coronavirus epidemic, which was responsible for the deaths of 40 inmates and the illnesses of 2,300 more. Last year, he was granted bail and placed under house confinement. Unfortunately, the bail request for his brother was denied by the authorities.