As Long as Liz Truss Served as Prime Minister, David Blaine’s Glass Box Hoax Lasted for 44 Days.

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Liz Truss Served as Prime Minister, David Blaine's Glass Box Hoax Lasted for 44 Days

Following the announcement that Liz Trussnow is currently the UK’s shortest-serving prime minister, some Twitter users have drawn attention to an unflattering parallel between her tenure and a box-related David Blaine prank.

Liz Truss, the soon-to-be-former prime minister, will be hoping to forget today, Thursday, October 20, 2022.

Truss has formally announced his resignation after only 44 days in office following a dramatic few weeks that included resignations, Lettuce live streaming, and rumors of heated clashes in Parliament.

Furthermore, it has been noted that Blaine, an extreme illusionist, managed to pull off a fairly extravagant stunt that equaled the length of Truss’ reign, which is rather embarrassing for Truss.

Liz Truss Lasts as Long in Downing Street as David Blaine Lasted in A Box

While 44 days may not seem like a long time to hold the top government position, it is a very long time to be suspended 30 feet in the air, in a plexiglass cage.

When Blaine participated in an endurance feat in 2003 that involved hanging from a box over the River Thames in London from September 5 through October 15 – a startlingly comparable timeframe to Truss’s stint in head office – he garnered international media attention.

Liz Truss Served as Prime Minister, David Blaine's Glass Box Hoax Lasted for 44 Days

The magician was completely denied sustenance while dangling in Blaine’s box, choosing to survive exclusively on water instead in a stunt he dubbed “Above the Below.” Blaine’s box was just slightly longer and taller than his.

The astonishing loss of 25.5kg, or nearly 30% of Blaine’s prior body weight, was discovered when he finally emerged from the notorious glass box, the BBC reported at the time.

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The Calamitous 44 days of PM Truss

The departure of Queen Elizabeth II dominated the first two weeks of Truss’s administration, but the next four weeks revealed a government in disarray and a cabinet that was still coming apart.

The most notable blunder occurred during the now notorious October Mini Budget, a contentious package that aimed to abolish the 45p Tax Rate and resulted in a government U-turn and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s resignation.

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Calls for Truss’ resignation increased after Home Secretary Suella Braverman resigned yesterday, October 19, due to a violation of the rules involving a piece of unpublished legislation.

Truss acknowledged these calls and now announced her formal resignation from the position, stating that she was unable to carry out the Conservative Party’s mandate for her election.

Liz Truss Served as Prime Minister, David Blaine's Glass Box Hoax Lasted for 44 Days

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Truss Equals Another Famously Short Spell in Charge

This week, journalist Oly Duff shared on Twitter that Truss’ 44 days in office were matched by more than just the Blaine box hoax.

With 44 days, Truss’ tenure in Downing Street is also identical to a certain Brian Clough’s famed and brief tenure as Leeds United manager.

All football fans of a certain vintage would be aware that Clough took over as Leeds’ manager after Don Revie left the team; however, Clough made it quite known that he was not a fan of the Leeds great.

Of course, the controversy surrounding Clough’s criticism of the outgoing manager did not go down well, and the fiery Yorkshireman was fired after only 44 days in command.

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