The R&B Legend Luther Vandross Has Passed Away at The Age of 54.!

Celebrity singer Luther Vandross, 54, passed away on Friday, July 3, two years after suffering a stroke.

The John F. Kennedy Medical Center is where Vandross passed away. The stroke “never fully recovered,” the hospital stated in a statement. Weight issues were something Vandross had struggled with for a long time. He had both high blood pressure and diabetes.

Although Vandross has been out of the spotlight since his stroke, he just released an album that earned him four Grammys.

The long-running R&B star is most known for his silky crooning on a string of hits spanning from “Hear and Now” to “Dance With My Father,” which earned him a total of eight Grammys over the course of his career.

The American Stroke Association reports that black men have a much higher risk of stroke and stroke-related mortality than white men. For the most recent year of available data (2002), the stroke death rate for black men was 82 per 100,000, whereas the rate for white men was 54 per 100,000. Similarly, the death rate from stroke is higher in black women (72 per 100,000) than it is in white women (53 per 100,000).

According to George Howard, Dr. P.H., chair of the department of biostatistics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health, black men and women are disproportionately affected by stroke risk factors such as diabetes and hypertension. Within the field of stroke epidemiology, he is considered an expert.


luther vandross cause of death

Only 40% of stroke patients survive for 10 years after a stroke, and even among long-term survivors, more than 50% have a subsequent stroke or cardiovascular event during the 10 years following a stroke, according to research published just two weeks ago by Dutch researchers who studied 2,473 patients with minor ischemic stroke, or transient ischemic attack (TIA).

As published in The Lancet, the optimal time to receive treatment for stroke is during the first three years after the event. They hypothesized that secondary preventative interventions like daily aspirin and lifestyle improvements including weight loss, exercise, and smoking cessation contributed to the early survival benefit.

They argued that People Were Less Likely to Take Precautions Against Stroke as Time Passed.

Age, diabetes, and previous vascular disease were all factors in determining mortality and cardiovascular events in the Dutch study. Adjusted for age and gender, the hazard ratios for having diabetes, claudication, prior peripheral vascular surgery, and pathological Q waves on a baseline ECG were as follows: 2.10 (1.79-2.48), 1.77 (1.45-2.15), 1.94 (1.42-2.65), and 1.50 (1.31-1.71).

Patients with transient ischemic attack and minor ischemic stroke should be repeatedly reassessed (because risks can change), treated to prevent cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events, and treated long-term, wrote Graeme J. Hankey M.D., of the University of Western Australia in Perth, in a commentary accompanying the Dutch study.

luther vandross cause of death

What Was Luther Vandross’ Cause of Death?

Vandross was afflicted with both diabetes and hypertension at the time of his death. He had a massive stroke in his New York apartment in April 2003 and spent nearly two months in a coma.

After suffering a stroke, he lost his voice and had to use a wheelchair. Vandross, 54, passed away from a heart attack at JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey, on July 1, 2005.

luther vandross cause of death

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Was Luther Vandross Married and Did He Have Children?

Neither Marriage nor Procreation Brought Luther Vandross Any Happiness in Life. His Mother Left an Orphan Because She Was Predeceased by All of Her Children, Including Him.

Some of His Close Friends and Coworkers Have Asserted that He Was Gay, Despite the fact that He Never Publicly Came out As Gay During His Lifetime.

Bruce Vilanch, a Close Friend of Luther’s from Their Time Together in Los Angeles in The ’80s and ’90s, Claims that Luther’s Longest Love Relationship to Date Was with A Male.

Patti La Belle, a Close Friend of Vandross, Came out As Gay in December 2017.