Despite Never Having Married, Matthew Perry Says He “Can’t Wait” to Have Children.!

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Matthew Perry Says He "can't Wait" to Have Children.

In his next book, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, Matthew Perry discusses love, family, and his desire to have children. He also shares his darkest secrets and thoughts. But despite once being engaged, the actor has never been wed or had a wife.

On October 31, the Friends actor sat down for an interview with ABC News’s Diane Sawyer. On November 1st, the actor’s memoir will be available for purchase.

Fans’ curiosity about the celebrity’s personal life and viewpoint on finding the right partner and starting a family after overcoming the fear of love has been stirred by the discussion.

Matthew Perry Has Never Had a Wife

Matthew has never been married in real life, despite Chandler Bing and Monica Geller is one of the most romantic on-screen couples.

But until June 2021, he was committed to his ex-girlfriend Molly Hurwitz.

The actor acknowledged being “afraid” of romance in a cover story for PEOPLE, which led to him ending almost all of the relationships he had previously.

He has overcome his fear, though, and is looking forward to meeting “someone with whom I’m going to fall in love and who will make me stop being afraid of the things that used to worry me.”

He’s Looking Forward to Marriage and Being a ‘Great’ Dad

According to the article, Matthew is “assured in his sobriety” and is excited about the prospect of getting married and starting a family.

He wasn’t afraid to share his opinions on parenting, and he stated fairly confident that he would be a wonderful father.

He declared, “I think I’d be a fantastic dad. I do, really. Probably because there were so many little children around me while I was growing up, but I can’t wait.

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Friends Star Dated Julia Roberts

reports Page Six After Julia Roberts made a guest appearance on Friends in 1995, Mattew briefly dated her. He ended the relationship, though, barely two months later because he believed he would “never be enough” for her.

Matthew Perry Says He "can't Wait" to Have Children.

In his book, Matthew discusses his brief high-profile relationship and states: “Dating Julia Roberts had been too much for me. I had been convinced she would end our relationship for a long time.

The actor has “no interest in hanging around with somebody that I don’t know or somebody that I’m not that into,” so he is now clear about what he wants in a relationship.

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