Memes About Boris Johnson’s Return as Pm Are Sparked by His “Hasta La Vista” Remark!

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Boris Johnson's Return as Pm Are Sparked by His "Hasta La Vista" Remark!

After Liz Truss announced her departure, memes on Twitter speculated whether Boris Johnson would make a comeback after concluding his final speech to Parliament with “Hasta la vista, darling.”

Several Twitter users are now fantasizing, considering, and dreading the prospect of what a potential comeback from the previous UK prime minister may look like in what has been a historic day for British politics.

Johnson’s next steps are the subject of numerous predictions, memes, and hypotheses on social media right now, in part due to a vague remark he made back in July.

The Boris Johnson ‘hasta la vista, baby’ memes explained

In typical Johnson manner, he made sure that his farewell speech to Parliament was as controversial as his time as prime minister when he left No. 10 this summer.

Johnson ended his speech with the well-known adage, “Hasta la vista, baby,” after recounting his accomplishments during his tenure in office and expressing gratitude to his many colleagues.

Boris Johnson's Return as Pm Are Sparked by His "Hasta La Vista" Remark!

While “Hasta la vista” merely means “until next time” in Spanish, some Twitter users have speculated that Johnson may have been alluding to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s other infamous Terminator line: “I’ll be back.” This is because Schwarzenegger famously used the phrase in Terminator 2.

Inverclyde Councillor James Daisley was one of many speculating about a Johnson comeback and said he thought a stunt like that wouldn’t be out of character for the former PM:

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Twitter Memes About a Possible Johnson Return

Johnson was still the UK’s prime minister just six weeks ago, despite the fact that it feels like it has been a long time. Although the opinion of Truss isn’t very positive right now, Johnson also departed office with much lower approval ratings than when he initially became prime minister.

As a result, opinions on Twitter about a potential comeback were somewhat divided. The following are some of the top memes surrounding his potential comeback:

To be honest, it appears to be rather accurate:

You can always count on Mr. Blobby to emerge online, no matter what is going on:

It’s been like an Ant & Dec joke all week:

We’ve got some catching up to do:

More bizarre events have occurred:

Boris Johnson's Return as Pm Are Sparked by His "Hasta La Vista" Remark!

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There Are No Rules Preventing a Second Spell As PM

There is nothing stopping Johnson from running for prime minister a second time, as HITC clarified earlier today.

Johnson is still a member of Parliament for the Henly seat even though he is vacationing in the Caribbean right now. If he so chose, he could conceivably run for Conservative Party leader once more.

And while the race for the party’s leadership is still very much up in the air, Times writer Steve Swinford today, October 20, used Twitter to fuel speculation about Johnson’s potential comeback:


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