James Gunn fuels DC Universe rumors with mysterious Mr Terrific picture

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James Gunn fuels DC Universe rumors

James Gunn teased DC Comics fans all across the world by posting a photo of Mr. Terrific from Justice League Action.

The greatest power of Mr. Terrific, or to use his official name, Michael Holt, comes from “his own personal desire to overcome any hurdle and solve any problem,” per his DC character profile.

And if DC Comics co-CEO Gunn’s most recent social media post is any indication, fans of the valiant Justice Society member might not have to wait too long for their next Mr. Terrific piece.

DC’s James Gunn Uploads Ambiguous Mr. Terrific Picture

When wanting to get the attention of folks as devoted as DC Comic fans, the greatest approach to get people talking in 2022 is with a bold or enigmatic social media post.

The renowned DC Universe character Mr. Terrific was featured in a shot that Gunn shared today on his Twitter and Instagram, and the result has the internet in a frenzy beyond your wildest imagination.

The tweet that mentioned DC Comics didn’t have a caption or any other information. The picture has received over 52,000 likes on Twitter and just under 100,000 likes on Instagram in a matter of hours.

The particular Mr. Terrific image that was employed was first seen on the cover of the Justice Society of America comic book, issue no. 76, which was released for the first time in 2005.

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James Gunn also Uploads Lobo Picture to Mastodon

For DC fans, this week has been quite exciting because Gunn may have hinted at the return of not just one, but two famous characters.

Gunn stoked further DC rumors before the Mr. Terrific hoopla when he published his first image to the rapidly growing social networking site Mastodon.

Once more, Gunn chose to keep things short and sweet. He captioned his post, “Glad to be here,” and included a photo of Lobo, an alien bounty hunter who has become somewhat of a cult figure among DC fans.

James Gunn fuels DC Universe rumors

On November 8, Gunn stated to his 1.3 million Twitter followers that he had joined Mastodon, with several other famous people have done the same in previous weeks.

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Harley Quinn 30th Anniversary Special | Comic Trailer | DC


Lobo and Mr. Terrific Pictures Spark Rumors Among DC fans

As a result of Gunn’s enigmatic social media posts, it’s hardly surprising that the rumor mill has been spinning pretty swiftly and hypotheses are circulating online.

Many fans are really hoping that today’s news means Mr. Terrific will be entering the DC movie universe because he is a comic book character.

James Gunn fuels DC Universe rumors

‘HECK YES. In response to the news, one enthusiastic fan wrote: “ABSOLUTELY HELL YES!” They continued, “I hope James (Gunn) casts John David Washington because he’s wonderful.”

Another interested DC fan predicted that Mr. Terrific may appear in the second season of the HBO Max show Peacemaker, saying, “Y’all, I think they’re going to put Mr. Terrific there.”

Given that the character has never had his own lead narrative previously, it is unclear exactly what Gunn was alluding to with his remark. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to watch what happens with the Mr. Terrific story.

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