The person Paul Mescal. Actor and Phoebe Bridgers become engaged

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The person Paul Mescal. Actor and Phoebe Bridgers become engaged

Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers are engaged! After speculations started circulating online a few months ago, the actor, at last, confirmed the information.

The romance between Paul and Phoebe is unquestionably a contemporary fairy tale that went viral online. The two have stood by each other’s sides ever since and have never looked back.

There had been speculations the couple was engaged a few months ago. Paul has now officially acknowledged the happy news after a long period of silence.

Who Is Paul Mescal?

Paul is an actor most known for his work in the television series Normal People and the motion pictures The Lost Daughter, and Aftersun, among others.

According to his IMDb profile, he attended Trinity College Dublin and majored in acting there. Paul appeared in a lot of commercials before breaking through on television.

His major break came when he was chosen to play Connie in Hulu’s Normal People.

The person Paul Mescal. Actor and Phoebe Bridgers become engaged

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A Look at Their Relationship

Everything began when Phoebe posted on Twitter that she was in love with Normal People. Paul responded to this by saying, “I’m officially dead,” in his message.

Following this, as reported by Cosmopolitan, the two appeared together on Instagram Live and revealed to viewers that they will be having their first meeting.

In June 2020, the couple’s alleged relationship first surfaced. While Phoebe used him in one of her music videos, fans realized Paul had acknowledged having a girlfriend in an interview.

Despite all the evidence that they were dating, the two chose to keep their relationship a secret.

They didn’t publicly declare their relationship until 2021 when they appeared on the red carpet together.

In December 2021, they also declared Instagram an official platform. Paul confirmed that they are engaged in 2022.

The person Paul Mescal. Actor and Phoebe Bridgers become engaged

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Actor Confirms Engagement

Paul revealed to The Guardian that he and Phoebe are engaged. He made no mention of their romance or how it came about.

The actor did, however, speak about his forthcoming film, Aftersun, which will open in theatres nationwide on November 18.


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