The Musician Known as The “Queen of Christmas” Is Elizabeth Chan.

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Queen of Christmas

Due to Elizabeth Chan’s opposition, Mariah Carey’s desire to trademark the title of “Queen of Christmas” has been rejected, according to the Daily Mail.

Mariah was unsuccessful in her legal bid to be declared “Queen of Christmas” and use the moniker on commerce, which was rejected by the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Elizabeth, a musician, came under media scrutiny after she submitted a declaration of objection to Mariah’s bid for the title. So who exactly is Elizabeth?

Who Is Elizabeth Chan?

Elizabeth is a musician from New York who specializes in Christmas and Thanksgiving songs.

Since 2011, the musician has published an album with a Christmas theme each year, resulting in a number of songs for holiday playlists and radio charts.

Elizabeth said in an interview with Variety that she writes songs every year from January through August before completing her album by September. Up until Christmas, she spends the following few months marketing the record and signing song deals for film and television.

The performer claimed that she was encouraged to pursue her chosen vocation because she grew up constantly listening to Christmas music charts.

Twelve Months of Christmas, Elizabeth’s twelfth studio album, has nine tracks and was released in October of this year. The artist’s daughter Noelle is also featured on the CD.

Elizabeth was referred to as the “Queen of Christmas” in a 2018 profile by the New Yorker, which the singer utilized as the name for her album in 2021.


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Mariah Carey loses ‘Queen of Christmas’ trademark to Elizabeth Chan

After the legal dispute began in March 2021, Mariah was not permitted to assert ownership of the “Queen of Christmas,” according to Fortune.

The artist asked for permission to use the trademark names “Princess Christmas” and “QOC” on items, according to the petition.

The musician has submitted applications to use the name on a variety of products, including perfumes, lingerie, mugs, music, and even coconut milk.

Since many people start their holiday season with Mariah’s smash hit All I Want For Christmas Is You, she has earned the unofficial title of “Queen of Christmas.”

The performer has started the season in prior years with holiday-themed social media posts, doing anything from “defrosting” herself to breaking down pumpkins to finish the Halloween season.

Queen of Christmas

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Elizabeth Chan Speaks About Trademark Victory

Elizabeth addressed the trademark triumph following the recent publication of her new album, 12 Months of Christmas, as reported by Page Six.

She told the publication, “Christmas is a season of giving, not taking, and it is unacceptable for someone to want to own and monopolize a nickname like Queen of Christmas for the reasons of abject materialism.

“I became known as the Queen of Christmas because, as an independent artist and small business owner, my life’s job is to unite people during the holiday season. I wear that title with pride and am fully aware that it will and ought to be given to others in the future.

Queen of Christmas

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“My intention in engaging in this fight was to defend future Queens of Christmas as well as myself by refusing to submit to trademark harassment.

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