The musician Shawn Mendes is devoting some time away from the road to putting his mental health first.

To his more than 69 million Instagram followers, Mendes announced that he will be taking a three-week vacation.

I’m going to have to postpone the following three weeks of gigs through Uncasville, Connecticut until further notice, which breaks my heart to tell, he said. Since I started traveling at age 15, it has, to be quite honest, been challenging to be away from friends and family. I thought I was prepared to be back on the road after a few years off, but that decision was hasty, and sadly the pressure and the cost of the road have caught up with me, and I’ve reached my breaking point,” he wrote.

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“I need to take some time to recuperate and take care of myself and my mental health, first and foremost, after discussing with my team and health specialists. I’ll keep you informed as soon as there are any new developments.

On June 27, 2022, Mendes’ 87-city tour got underway in Portland, Oregon. His 2020 album, Wonder, is being promoted by the tour.

Shawn Mendes continued, “After talking with my team and medical experts, I need to take some time to heal and prioritize taking care of my physical and mental health. I’ll let you know as soon as there are any other developments, I swear. I adore you guys.

The “Stitches” singer has previously been open about his struggles with mental health. He wrote a frank letter to his fans in April on his difficulties in accepting his genuine nature.

When I ask myself what I should be doing with my life, “to say the truth, to be the truth,” is always the answer I receive, he wrote at the time. “I think that’s a difficult thing to achieve, though. I’m worried that if others find out the truth about me, they would judge me negatively. They may get tired of me.

The singer of the song “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” stated that he “constantly feels like he’s either flying or drowning,” and speculated that some of his nervousness may be related to being in his twenties. “The reality is, I truly do want to go out into the world as my wholly authentic, totally different self, and not give a damn what people think, but sometimes I do!! I occasionally feel completely unconcerned about what other people may think. However, it’s a battle the majority of the time. That is accurate, he continued.

Shawn Mendes Postpones Tour Dates for Mental Health Reasons

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Mendes explained that he felt compelled to share his viewpoint because he believed it “may resonate with some people,” and he concluded by assuring his followers that they had nothing to be concerned about. He stated, “I’m honestly really okay!” in a different tweet. I just want to be really honest in my communication with you guys.

I just wrote a lengthy note for you, lol. And I guess I’m thinking, “Damn, if I’m feeling this with all of the benefits I have, I can only imagine there must be so many people feeling this, and I just don’t want them to feel alone!!”

In Portland, Oregon, on June 27, the former Vine celebrity began his Wonder tour. Before going abroad in the spring of the next year, he was supposed to play all over the United States and Canada until October.

Mendes’ tour break was announced less than a year after his breakup with Camila Cabello in November 2021. Before breaking up, the musicians dated for two years. The 25-year-old Cinderella actress and Grammy nominee have both freely discussed how they each dealt with the breakup of their romance in their own unique ways.

Shawn Mendes Postpones Tour Dates for Mental Health Reasons

In an interview with Extra earlier this year, Mendes said, “Camila and I have always been writers for as long as we’ve known one other. So, we understand what it implies. “And we recognize what that implies. And communication between us will always be open.

When it comes to getting back into the dating scene, Cabello recently admitted that she takes her time. She told Cosmopolitan UK this month, “I don’t put a lot of focus on it. I simply want to hang out with people and make friends, and over the past year, I’ve done just that. Although I don’t put any strain on it, if something does happen, that’s incredibly exciting.