Sheryl Lee when Emma Thompson Played Nanny McPhee, I Smiled!

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The late Hollywood Golden Age Emma Thompson threw a green pie in the face of actress Angela Lansbury while they were filming the hit children’s movie, Nanny McPhee.

Angela Lansbury was given an Honorary Academy Award in 2013 by Thompson, who described her as a legend and singled out her response to the pie-throwing incident as one example.

Angela Lansbury’s Nanny McPhee Was a Stitch

Sheryl Lee when Emma Thompson

The 2005 star-studded family movie Nanny McPhee takes place in Victorian England. Cedric Brown (Colin Firth) has seven kids and is a widower. Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) disciplines his children with a firm but kind touch after his misbehaving kids drive away a number of nannies.

Great-aunt Lady Adelaide Stitch (Angela Lansbury), who provides financial assistance for the family, demands that Cedric remarry in order for her to continue doing so.

In classic fairytale fashion, the possible evil stepmother Mrs. Quickly makes an appearance, but the kids spoil the wedding and keep her from joining their family. Additionally, Angela received a pie to the face during the wedding scene.

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Only Emma Thompson Had the Courage to Eat Pie. Astrid Lindgren

Someone from the props team, not Emma Thompson, was in charge of tossing the pie. Emma clarified in her speech at the 2013 Governors Awards that no one else has the guts to take on a Hollywood star.

A very imposing props man who was the best in his business approached her and told her, “I have to hurl a pie at Angela Lansbury.” I’m unable to stop it from hitting her in the face; I simply cannot.

What do you mean you can’t do it? I asked. Get a grip, you’re a props man for goodness’ sake. And he pleaded with them not to force him. They finally announced that you would have to do it!

Emma reluctantly agreed to the assignment and questioned Angela about her intentions. I would much rather it were you, Lansbury retorted.

True Legend on And Off Screen

With a smile on her lips as the green pie ran down her face, Angela erupted in laughter.

Emma said, “[Angela] spent the remainder of the afternoon flinging food at the other cast members, which is why [she] is and always will be a legend.

You are the same glorious, brilliant, and admirable girl you have always been, Thompson told Lansbury.

For her career accomplishments and outstanding contributions to the arts and sciences of film and motion pictures, Angela received an Honorary Oscar in 2013. She had three nominations for the Academy Award for the best-supporting actress, but she never took home the prize.

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