The Controversy Surrounding The Springfield Armory !

The modern commercial firearms manufacturer and importer is the subject of this article. See Springfield Armory for the former US government arsenal.

One of the largest manufacturers of commercial firearms in the United States is Springfield Armory, Inc., based in Geneseo, Illinois. Founded in 1974 by Bob and his family, the company manufactures and imports guns like the M1A and the XD series.

springfield armory controversy

There’s no connection between Springfield Armory and the company that used to make military firearms under the same name in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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In 1974, Robert Reese used the Springfield Armory name to produce semi-automatic versions of the M14 rifles..The Springfield Armory company, now run by Reese’s sons, produces a wide range of firearms.

springfield armory controversy

But despite the fact that it is not situated near the site of the former National Arsenal and has no connection to the original one Springfield Inc.’s slogan, “The Oldest Name in American Firearms,” while true, is misleading because the company has no connection to the original Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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What’s Up With the Springfield Armory Boycott?

Springfield Armory contacted us at 7 p.m. on May 3 to let us know that our post had been approved for publication on May 4 (this morning). A week ago, they had a completely different message to convey. As a result of Senate Bill 1657, the Second Amendment “urgently needs your help in Illinois!” says the new email. Contact your state representatives and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 1657, according to the email. The XD-E pistol was unveiled last week at the NRA convention by Springfield Armory.

springfield armory controversy

There was a lot of excitement about the new pistol at first. While this news was welcomed by some, it was met with disapproval from others in the firearms industry who felt that Springfield Armory’s recent agreement with the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association had betrayed their trust. Let’s take a closer look at what that decision means. We’ll explain why Rock River Arms and Springfield Armory are currently under boycott. Over the weekend, the gun community heard cries of Sell Out and Betrayal as they struggled to understand why a company that seemed to support their gun rights seemed to act in an opposite direction. Because of the Gun Dealer License Act in Illinois, this all started. Federal and state licensing would be mandated by the legislation, requiring all Illinois firearms dealers to be licensed. At this time, federal licensing is the only requirement.

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There Will Be No More Training at the Springfield Armory

The historic Springfield Armory closed its doors after nearly two centuries as the nation’s top small arms manufacturer on this date in 1968, much to the sadness of the people of Springfield. The armory, which George Washington built early in the Revolutionary War, was a pioneer in mass production, division of labor, and industrial management.

springfield armory controversy

The “Springfield ’03” rifle used by U.S. soldiers in World War I and the M1 semiautomatic rifle that played a major role in World War II were two of its most innovative and important weapons. It took the National Park Service ten years after the armory closed to open a museum on the site that chronicles Springfield’s history as a center for the arms industry.

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The bulk of the information was sourced from manuscripts. The collections of are among the most valuable. As well as a few private citizens in Boston. The vast Springfield Armory File, which contains regulations, payrolls, work records, and correspondence, was the primary source for the period after 1795.
Anecdotes about the Armory are the majority of what’s been written about it. These include official government publications, such as War Department publications, as well as the files of local newspapers. An additional set of documents covers the Ripley-Stearns controversy as well as the journals and published letters of the men who were involved in the Revolutionary Laboratory during these two time periods.
Arms are the subject of a few specialized studies.

springfield armory controversy

There were exemptions for small dealers who sold less than 10 guns a year and big box stores. After withdrawing its opposition to the bill, the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association (IFMA) was granted an exemption. This means that firearms manufacturers in Illinois are exempt from the licensing requirements. Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms are the two primary benefactors of IFMA. Because of this, many believe that these companies struck a deal with the federal government to not oppose this attack on the Second Amendment in exchange for their own protection. As soon as word of this “deal” spread, Springfield and Rock River Arms, both members of the IFMA, were accused of betraying the firearms industry.