Taylor Swift Followers Claim that Ticketmaster Is Still Down Because the Website Keeps “Crashing.”!

Taylor Swift's Capital One Presale

Fans just want to know whether Ticketmaster is still down or when will it be back up as the site keeps “crashing” after saving up for months and spending hours in line to buy presale tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

The presale demand for the singer’s next tour has reportedly caused difficulties on the ticketing website, which has responded with claims about the “unprecedented” demand.

Fans have been urged to “hold tight” as Ticketmaster works to move the lines as “soon as possible.”

However, the majority of tweets and the Down Detector report indicate that Ticketmaster is still down.

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Is Ticketmaster Still Down?

Yes, Ticketmaster is still unavailable for a few of customers as of this writing.

The user report from Down Detector reveals issues with the website, app, and ticketing system. The site’s live status can be followed HERE.

Tickets for the Eras tour went on presale on Tuesday, November 15. However, despite following the instructions, a few of fans encountered errors when attempting to use the presale code to join the line.

The presale for owners of Capital One credit cards had to be moved to Wednesday as a result of the complications, according to a post on Twitter from Ticketmaster.

Taylor Swift Fans Complain About the Site ‘Crashing’

The Majority of Fans Appear to Have Had a Dreadful Time Gaining Entry to The Taylor’s Eras Presale Because, in Addition to Spending Hours in The Queue that Was Put on Hold, Ticketmaster Would Frequently Crash or Display an Error Right Before the Checkout.

“It took a Taylor Swift crash @Ticketmaster for me to return to Twitter,” one fan remarked.

“SOS, Ticketmaster,” I waited in line for the Taylor Swift Eras tour for five hours today, and every time I tried to select seats, the website would crash, restart my queue, and put more than 2000 people in front of me. “Please provide a hand,” said another.

“I had floor seats four times practically to the very end and then crash,” a third fan said. @Ticketmaster, I have a video of every single one of them.

Taylor Swift Followers Claim

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Presale Rescheduled

The presale for Capital One has been postponed to the next day, while the sales for Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and Seattle, which were initially set for 10 am PT, were moved to 3 pm PT on Tuesday.

At 2:00 p.m. local time on Wednesday, the cardholders can use the text-based link they received earlier to access the presale tickets. This link will be active at the time of purchase.

Taylor Swift Followers Claim

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The ticketing business tweeted: “Capital One Cardholder Presale has been delayed to Wednesday, 11/16 at 2 PM local venue time for all events to better serve cardholders and meet the unprecedented demand for tickets. The availability of tickets will not be affected for Capital One customers.

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