Terry Hall, Lead Singer of The Specials, Dies at Age 63

A member of Terry Hall’s band, The Specials, has spoken out about the singer’s tragic death. The Specials, Hall’s band, announced on Monday that their lead vocalist had passed away at the age of 63, adding to the onslaught of sad news hitting the music business at the moment.

Hall passed away “after a brief illness,” it said, though it did not clarify what that sickness was. Terry Hall’s death was confirmed a few days later, and his bandmate later stated that cancer was the cause of death.

Horace Panter announced The Specials’ upcoming projects and appearances in a lengthy Facebook post, including the release of a reggae album in 2020. He mentioned that they had everything set to go and were planning to meet with Nikolaj to finish the project this year.

Hall, however, emailed them that he would be unable to attend the pre-production meetings due to an illness. The singer was hospitalized after a week of feeling worse and worse.

A manager called them a few days later to break the devastating news.

A manager called them a few days later to break the devastating news.

It’s a lot worse than we feared, he remarked of Terry’s condition. “He has cancer, the doctor said. This is not a joke. It’s so severe that it might end your life seriously. And now he has diabetes, too. Chemotherapy is the next step after this is resolved.

Nobody can do anything about it. The situation is on pause for the time being.” Despite everyone’s best intentions, singer Hall’s health has been steadily declining, and he has lost weight. His pancreatic cancer had metastasized to his liver by that point.

The tragic news is that he passed away on December 18th. That’s when Panter said he’d lost more than just a buddy; he’d lost a voice in the world.

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For what reason did Terry Hall pass away?

According to a statement made by the band, Terry passed away after a brief illness. The duration of his illness was not specified, but it appears to have been brief.

“Terry was one of the nicest, funniest, and most honest of souls,” the statement said. Everything that makes life worth living—happiness, sadness, laughter, a desire for fairness, and most of all love—was captured in his songs and performances.

The gift of his extraordinary music and profound humanity will live on, and “he will be deeply missed by those who knew and loved him,” the statement continued.

In reading the various responses to the news of Hall’s death, it became evident that his influence went well beyond the Specials.

Terry’s loss has been felt deeply by the music community.

Terry's loss has been felt deeply by the music community.

After the news broke, Jane Wiedlin, co-founder of The Go-and Go’s a member of the band, offered her condolences to Terry’s family. Jane revealed that her brief romance with Terry inspired the band’s popular song “Our Lips Are Sealed,” which Terry co-wrote.

She described Terry as a “beautiful, compassionate, creative, and unusual person,” and she added that the song Our Lips Are Sealed would always be a reminder of their brief romance.

Terry was abducted by one of his instructors when he was 12 years old. He was born in Coventry in 1959. He quit school when he was 14 and struggled with depression for the rest of his life because of what happened. In a short amount of time (a few, actually), he would become a member of The Specials.

At this time, our hearts and prayers go out to Terry’s loved ones and fellow band members.