The Hip-Hop Podcaster from Glasgow Wants to Get Eminem on His Show.

A major dream come true for Danny McFarlane, who has admired Eminem since he was ten years old, is to have him appear on his show. Since he was ten years old, Danny McFarlane has been a tremendous fan of hip-hop music, and having Eminem himself appear on his already popular podcast is one of his biggest dreams.

Rapper Eminem is wanted to participate in a podcast hosted in Glasgow. Carlisle way and somehow collided directly with a vehicle. John Travolta is most remembered for playing the handsome high school heartthrob Danny Zuko in the 1978 film, which also starred Sandra Dee.

But what about his love life off-screen? As they co-starred with Olivia Newton-John in Grease and took on the major parts, viewers immediately began to wonder whether they were romantically involved. A much-loved father who died after a “disturbance” in Glasgow has received tributes.

Together with his buddies, 32-year-old Danny McFarlane hosts the hip-hop podcast “Mainly Eminem,” which has gained a huge following and reached listeners in 125 different countries.

Danny, who is employed full-time by a Glasgow automaker, says he dreams of the day when he can leave his position and follow his passion. The sole medic at the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) base in Langwathby at the time of the disaster was paramedic Paul Burnage, who had just finished his shift.

More Reading With raving ratings, Glasgow’s top steakhouse on Tripadvisor is becoming viral on TikTok. he revealed to Glasgow Live: “We originally began as a media fan page on Twitter in 2017 and garnered a following of about 30,000 people. John hasn’t had a smooth love life, from his lover passing away in his arms to his wife passing away in a similar manner.”

When the account was compromised in June of last year, we were very crushed, but since we were well-known enough in the community, we were able to restart. Reading to Continue With his basketball buddies, Danny Ewin Fortunately for Danny, Paul was just departing, according to his grandma Gail Ewin.”

We decided to test out a Twitter audio show with the new account, and we created a show on the halftime performance of the Super Bowl last year, which featured Eminem, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige. Social media has been used by Allan’s family to honour the “much-loved persona.”

It essentially served as a pre-hype show whereby the artists themselves and what to anticipate from them were discussed. Most Read the “title” and “/articles” “I shattered my back in four places, fully smashed two of the bones, so they were removed, and I have a metal cage there,” Danny said.

John, who was 18 years younger than American stage, film, and television actress Diana Hyland, met her while they were both working on the 1976 movie.” As the programme attracted over 3000 listeners and earned glowing Twitter reviews, Danny and his buddies made the decision to go for it and start a legitimate podcast.

Added him: “We started airing in July of last year and currently have 9 episodes total. When Gail and his mother saw the doctors, they informed them that he had twice cut his spinal cord and would never be able to walk normally again. This came as a huge shock. Listeners of our programme have been located in 125 different nations.

When they first started dating, John told People magazine: “I have never been more in love with anyone in my life.” A New York-based producer of hip-hop music and a Detroit-based rapper with connections to Eminem have both appeared as special guests.

It was challenging for him to accept his wounds, but with the help of his devoted mother, he was able to see the wider picture and realise that everyone else around him had wounds that were worse and would gladly trade places with me. But another pal wrote: “What a void you’ve left in all of our hearts; we will love and miss you always.

Bemz, a rapper from Glasgow, and I are actively negotiating for him to join us on our show shortly. Shady Records performers are another target for us.


It would be a great dream to get Eminem on the programme since he was the first hip-hop artist I truly discovered when I was about 10 years old. It also feels like we’re getting closer now than we ever have.

He returned to college and is now a level two engineer after studying engineering. On the Bubble set, we were like two maniacs chatting nonstop.” The next edition of Danny’s podcast “Mainly Eminem” will feature a review of the Slim Shady LP and will appear on Thursday, February 23, on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

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