As She Returns to The ICarly Set, Miranda Cosgrove’s New Appearance Surprises Fans.

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The ICarly Set, Miranda Cosgrove's New Appearance Surprises Fans.

People have watched Miranda Cosgrove mature right in front of their eyes, but as her most recent images from the iCarly set become widely popular, people are taken aback by how different she now appears.

Since Miranda has been in the entertainment business for a while, her fans have had the opportunity to watch her develop in front of their eyes.

People were therefore startled to see how different she looked when the most current images from her iCarly set appeared online.

Miranda Cosgrove’s Recent Picture Explored

In a recent photo, Josh Peck and Phill Lewis were standing close to Miranda, who was wearing a pink outfit.

The image unmistakably demonstrated that the brand-new iCarly would not let viewers down and that there is much to look forward to.

Josh and Miranda have been out frequently and have even collaborated on TikTok videos, so it was not surprising to see them together.

The ICarly Set, Miranda Cosgrove's New Appearance Surprises Fans.

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Fans Think She Looks Different Now

The most recent pictures stunned many people because they didn’t recognize the actress in them. Why does Miranda Cosgrove resemble a Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, wondered one user.

“Not Miranda Cosgrove in her rap girl Era,” another person added. Another user’s comment seemed to indicate that they were having difficulty accepting that the picture genuinely represented the actress herself: “me believing this caption was a joke and then finding out by checking very closely that it is indeed the real Miranda Cosgrove. HUH.”

Another Twitter user expressed similar sentiments when they wrote: “I absolutely REFUSE to believe this is Miranda Cosgrove.”

An astonished admirer remarked, “I know this says Miranda Cosgrove but that literally looks like anyone else than Miranda Cosgrove.”

“Oh my god, is that Miranda Cosgrove?” Where is Miranda the real? read a different remark.

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Why Did iCarly First Come to An End?

According to E News, Miranda wanted to experience college life, which is why the show was canceled. I just always knew I really wanted to have that college experience, and since I had been homeschooling for such a long time with the show, it just felt like the right time, she added.

The ICarly Set, Miranda Cosgrove's New Appearance Surprises Fans.

Miranda agreed to return for an iCarly reboot as soon as she felt the time and opportunity were appropriate. Because her character in the relaunch is an adult, it focuses on more mature themes than the original program did.

Miranda also gets to work on content since she is the show’s producer.

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