The Oliver Tree-Belle Delphine Kiss Has Fans Talking.!

The Oliver Tree-Belle Delphine Kiss Has Fans Talking.

As the Miss You singer publishes a video of Oliver Tree and Belle Delphine kissing all over social media, viewers are perplexed.

Late last night (November 8, 2022), the singer and comedian from California uploaded the clip to TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram with the caption: “What discovering love on the internet looks like.”

Let’s investigate the video’s meaning below since fans are perplexed by it.

The Oliver Tree and Belle Delphine Kissing Tik Tok

Oliver Tree is shown in the opening scene of the video seated at a dressing table with his back to the camera. The music video for the singer’s single Miss You, which was released on October 28, goes along with the images.

He suddenly adopts an open-mouthed, astonished expression as he turns to face the camera. The 29-year-old is carrying a pink game console while donning pink headphones with cat ears. The audience may then see what Oliver is responding to as the camera pans around.

At that point, Belle Delphine walks through a door and enters the space wearing a pink blouse, wig, and matching pink cat ears.

She licks her teeth suggestively as the camera pans in on her face for a close-up, and then Oliver does the same.

The two then sprint for one another, and the video closes with a sloppy kiss between them.

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Fans React to Oliver Tree’s Tik Tok

There have been many responses to the film and its caption, including some understandably perplexed admirers. Some are speculating as to whether this implies a romantic relationship between the two or whether Oliver paid internet star Belle to appear in the clip.

A user on TikTok asked: “What is happening?”

“I want to know how many homies paid her just for that,” another person wrote.

One admirer wrote on Instagram, “I’m yelling, crying, and puking on the floor. I’m speechless right now. I never imagined I’d see something like this in my lifetime.

Someone else added, “New couple unlocked.”

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Who Is Belle Delphine?

The 23-year-old English model and YouTuber Belle Delphine. According to PopBuzz, she was born on October 23, making her a Scorpio.

The celebrity was born in South Africa, and her real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner. She frequently publishes explicit stuff or makes cosplay appearances.

She was born in Cape Town, but when she was 12 her family relocated to the UK. She is a 5′ 6″ woman (1.68m).


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