Riding the Waves of Diversity, Exploring Tia Blanco’s Ethnic Background

Tia Blanco, a professional surfer and environmental activist, has significantly impacted surfing. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Tia developed a passion for the ocean at a young age. She improved her skills on the waves and quickly rose to importance in the competitive surfing scene.

She is known for her graceful style and fearless approach to big waves. Tia Blanco has achieved numerous accolades throughout her career. She has claimed multiple national titles and represented her country in international competitions. Tia’s talent and dedication have solidified her status as one of the top female surfers in the world. Now let’s know more about her ethnicity.

What Is Tia Blanco’s Ethnicity?

tia blanco ethnicity

Tia Blanco is Filipino-American! Yes the famous surfer was born in Puerto Rico. Also, she considers herself a Puerto Rico national. She was raised in America. Thus she always prefers to go by Puerto Rico-Filipino-American and that ethnicity she prides on. She is living currently in San Clemente, California, and she is a professional surfer.

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What Is Tia Blanco’s Religion?

Tia Blanco follows Christianity! The professional surfer is a Christian, and her zodiac sign is Taurus. Tia is a famous gold-winner surfer. She is known to many people across the globe. She was raised in the USA with her elder sister, Aja Blanco. Her sister is social media influencer and also a successful businesswoman.

Also, the sisters together have a vegan skincare line, and that is called “dear self”. It also shows that Tia is a vegan as well. Tia attended her high school and college in California itself. Her passion for suffering comes from her parents, who are also professional surfers.

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Who Are Tia Blanco’s Parents?

Tia Blanco’s father is Simon Blanco, and her Mother is Sina Blanco. Both are professional surfers. The surfing profession is what Tia has adapted from her parents. They were raised in the USA, but their ethnicity is from Puerto Rico. They all are settled and working in the USA. Her sister, Aja Blanco, also lives in the USA and is a social media influencer.

Who Is Tia Blanco Engaged To?

tia blanco ethnicity

The professional surfer is engaged to Brody Jenner. They got engaged on Saturday, June 17 2023. The engagement happened in front of their families and friends. The location was Jenner’s home. Tia and Brody, who is also a television personality, DJ and model, are expecting their first child. They are expecting a baby girl on the way. They announced their engagement in a video which was shared on Instagram.