Too Hot to Handle: Are Marvin and Melinda Still Dating?

In more ways than one, Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose departed Turks & Caicos as victors. Marvin left with $55,000 after being named the winner of Too Hot to Handle’s a second season (opens in new tab), as well as Melinda, who had been his on-and-off lover while they were staying at the resort.

In spite of the distance (Melinda is headquartered in New York, while Marvin is in Paris(opens in new tab)), he informed Melinda before the contest that he wanted to make it work. They departed the resort with utmost joy, but that was in December 2020, which has since passed.

So, in the middle of 2021, are Marvin and Melinda still together? Up to their reunion performance on July 5, these two were sending us a lot of contradictory signals.

Marvin and Melinda were coyer, with Marvin noting merely, “It’s complicated,” in contrast to Cam Holmes and Emily Miller, the other prominent pair from season 2, who all but confirmed that they were still together (sharing on the reunion program that they’ve even moved in together!

What’s the status of Marvin and Melinda’s relationship?

What's the status of Marvin and Melinda's relationship?

No. And boy, is there a lot of tension behind the scenes. The following information about Marvin was uncovered by post-show social media snooping that would have been of interest to the show’s contestants, was likely very juicy and pre-planned by the show’s producers, and was known to anyone living in France, speaking French, and watching reality television: Marvin has plenty of experience with reality TV.

According to reports, Marvin has appeared in four separate French reality programs. His most recent appearance, on “The Princes and Princesses of Love” (Les Princes et Les Princesses de l’Amour), purportedly ended with him falling in love with another competitor.

It has been stated that when Marvin returned from the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos, where filming for Too Hot to Handle took place, he kept seeing his reality show girlfriend. (He was also in a relationship of some type when he recorded Too Hot to Handle.)

As far as we can tell, both women were completely unaware of one another’s existence. Marvin absolutely adored both, or played at both, depending on your point of view.

Now, Melinda may be seen on Peter Vigilante’s Instagram, who is a rival candidate. Then I take it that everybody found a partner?

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Nathan and Larissa

After breaking up with Nathan on the program, Larissa left the show halfway through the season. Nathan’s affection went to the new girl, Elle, and she was left devastated.

When asked why she was leaving the show, Larissa said: “One morning I woke up and the retreat seemed different. My closest friends had all gone home, leaving me feeling lonely and scared that it might turn into a Larissa vs Elle rivalry.”

Larissa disclosed that she and Nathan were no longer together but that Nathan had sent her some explicit texts after the series finale. Nathan, meanwhile, has reportedly stopped performing as a stripper and told Elle he is over her after she stopped responding to his texts.

Together, Chase and Tabitha

Chase’s romantic abilities were shown in the Too Hot to Handle reunion. It appears that Chase, whose coldness toward Carly soured their relationship, has found love with Tabitha.

Soon after leaving Too Hot to Handle, Tabitha informed Chase that he had sent her roses and chocolate. She said she received a love letter from him as well, but she wasn’t ready to reveal the contents.

Together, Carly and Joey

Together, Carly and Joey

Soon after Joey moved into the Too Hot to Handle villa, he and Carly became fast friends. Carly’s ex-boyfriend Chase joked at the reunion that Joey was just a rebound, but Joey insisted that he was actually an “upgrade.”

Chase said that he, Joey, and Carly all spent New Year’s 2021 together, so it seems like the uncomfortable love triangle is over. Joey and Carly saw one other several times, but they never addressed the topic of their relationship status.

It was Cam and Emily

Cam and Emily are, surprisingly, still together. They are the strongest (and sexiest) relationship in the series. Cam and Emily’s inability to resist physical contact early in the competition cost the candidates thousands of pounds.

Cam and Emily’s cohabitation is the most notable recent development. Emily announced during the reunion that she plans to marry Cam and start a family with him. She even joked that they would honor Too Hot to Handle by naming their daughter Lana.