Vicky Phelan’s Husband and Kids Are in Charge of Leading Tributes to The “beloved” Campaigner.

Vicky Phelan gained international recognition for her work to enhance the cancer therapies that were available to women in Ireland and elsewhere.

Vicky, 48, passed away in the wee hours of November 14 at Milford Hospice in County Limerick while being attended by her loved ones.

After receiving a false negative result from a smear test during a cervical cancer screening, Phelan rose to fame internationally. This incident inspired the Irish woman to fight diligently to improve cancer facilities.

Dedicated cancer campaigner Vicky Phelan’s powerful story

The CervicalCheck Cancer Scandal, as it is now called, first came to light in 2018 when many Irish women who had had smear tests to detect cervical cancer and obtained false-positive findings sued the country’s health system.

As it turned out, Phelan was not informed of her false result until years after the test had been conducted, and her case received the most attention from the media.

Phelan was given a negative smear test result in 2011, but in 2014, she was given a cancer diagnosis. Officials found the 2011 smear test error within a few weeks after Phelan received his diagnosis in 2014, but Phelan was not notified until 2017.

Vicky Phelan's Husband and Kids

Phelan filed a lawsuit against a Texas laboratory over the negative test after learning that her disease was terminal. She was awarded 2.5 million as compensation.

The investigation that followed Phelan’s experience discovered that 206 women had acquired cancer after receiving the all-clear in a smear test. Phelan frequently ran for office in support of other women who had experienced comparable things.

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Vicky’s Husband Jim Phelan and Their Children Post Tribute

Jim Phelan, Vicky’s husband, and their kids Amelia and Darragh posted a heartfelt tribute to Vicky online, saying: “It is with a tremendous burden of loss that we bid our dear Vicky our last farewell earlier today.

She was the center of our family, and her death will leave a hole in all of our lives that, for the time being, feels difficult to fill.

We treasure the memories of a devoted wife, mother, daughter, and sister whose capacity to face life’s challenges has motivated not only us but the entire country.

The family announced that there will be a private service, but there will be a chance for the public to pay their respects when the time is appropriate.

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Tributes Paid to Phelan Online

Broadcaster Charlie Bird paid tribute to Phelan on Twitter, calling him a “wonderful human being” who had provided him with “amazing support” while he battled a terminal illness.

Phelan formed the 221+ Cervical Check Patient Support Group, which released the following statement:

“In her own words, Phelan said I don’t want your apologies for two years ago. I do not desire your homages. At my funeral, I don’t want to see your aide de camp. I’m not interested in your praise or your false promises. I desire to action. I desire change. I desire responsibility. Let her legacy be those words. Prenatal care saves lives.