Victoria Coren Mitchell Illness: The Real Story Behind TV Presenter’s Health Status!

Victoria Coren Mitchell illness: A versatile and successful person, Victoria Coren Mitchell has built her name in a number of industries, including writing, television hosting, and competitive poker. She’s got wit, intelligence, and a captivating personality, and she’s made a name for herself in the British media.

Victoria Elizabeth Coren was born in Hammersmith, London, on August 18, 1972, into a family with a strong background in the arts and media. Her brother Giles Coren also became a writer and television personality, and her father Alan Coren was a well-known humorist and writer.

Following the publication of the most recent episode of BBC Only Cannect, there have been circulating reports on the internet suggesting that Victoria is unwell due to her recent change of look.

So, is Victoria Coren Mitchell really sick? Or are these just baseless rumors? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about Victoria Coren Mitchell’s illness.

Victoria Coren Mitchell Illness

victoria coren mitchell illness

As host of the BBC game show Only Connect, she came up with a new angle every day. In the most recent Only Connect episode, she had red hair, which is not her typical color.

Although it is being said that she is wearing a red wig. She used to have blonde hair, but in the most recent episode, her red hair really made an excellent impression.

It might have also been colored, even though it seems like a wig. As a result of her admirers mistaking her for sick due to her new look, Mitchell now sports a red wig in place of her natural hair.

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Is Victoria Coren Suffering From Cancer?

victoria coren mitchell illness

No, Victoria Coren Mitchell is not suffering from cancer. Following the red wig scandals, there are false reports that Victoria Coren Mitchell has been diagnosed with cancer.

Given how well-liked her TV show is, a lot of people have been curious about her personal life. They also discovered that she was wearing a wig because cancer had taken her hair.

Nevertheless, since the 51-year-old presenter makes no determinations regarding this, there is no proof to support the claim that she had cancer.

She is currently doing great. We hope the modifications to her look are connected to the upcoming TV projects she will be starring in.

It is worth noting that Victoria does regret to start smoking at the age of just 12 and talking about quitting it she said, “I’ve tried and failed to give up but I intend to keep trying.”

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Victoria Coren Mitchell Husband

victoria coren mitchell illness

Victoria Coren is happily married to her husband David Mitchell. Coren revealed her engagement to comedian and actor David Mitchell on March 20, 2012.

David claims that they went on a brief string of dates after meeting at a movie premiere in 2007 but didn’t start dating seriously until three years later.

Their daughter was born in May 2015, and the pair got married in north London in November 2012.