Was Michael Gambon Gay? What Was the Sexuality of Our Beloved Dumbledore?

Was Michael Gambon gay? Michael Gambon, an Irish-British actor renowned for his exceptional talent and extensive career, left an indelible mark on both the stage and screen.

From his early days at the Royal National Theatre to his iconic portrayal of Albus Dumbledore in the ‘Harry Potter film series, Gambon’s work garnered widespread acclaim and numerous awards.

However, as news of his passing at the age of 82 due to pneumonia made headlines, some began to wonder about the more private aspects of his life, particularly regarding his sexual orientation.

Speculation about his personal life, including questions about whether Michael Gambon was gay, emerged in the wake of clips from his appearances on ‘Top Gear’ circulating on social media.

In this article, we aim to shed light on this matter, offering insights into the truth behind Michael Gambon’s personal life while celebrating his remarkable career.

Was Michael Gambon Gay?

was michael gambon gay

No, Michael Gambon was not gay. The rumors and speculations regarding Michael Gambon’s sexual orientation, particularly whether he was gay, stemmed from some old clips that began circulating on the internet.

In one memorable instance, Gambon playfully addressed the topic during an interview. When asked about portraying the gay Victorian poet Oscar Wilde, he responded with humor. According to the Independent, he said:

“[The interviewer] said, ‘What about the homosexuality?’ That annoyed me – and I said, ‘Well I found that very easy because I used to be a homosexual.'”

His witty remark drew laughs from the host, Jeremy Clarkson, and the studio audience. Gambon then added, “He was so thick. I said, ‘But I was forced to give it up… it made my eyes water.'”

However, it’s essential to note that such playful banter was a way to sidestep the question and avoid further discussion on the topic.

Upon examining his personal life, it becomes evident that Michael Gambon had only dated women throughout his life, providing clear evidence of his straight sexual orientation.

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Michael Gambon’s Relationship History

Anne Miller

was michael gambon gay

At the age of 22, Michael Gambon entered into matrimony with Anne Miller, a mathematician. Renowned for his protective stance on his personal life, he once playfully responded to an interviewer’s inquiry about his wife with a humorous, “What wife?”.

The couple resided in Gravesend, Kent, and together, they welcomed a son named Fergus. Interestingly, Fergus went on to become a ceramics expert, sharing his expertise on the BBC series Antiques Roadshow.

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Philippa Hart

was michael gambon gay

While filming the 2001 movie “Gosford Park,” Michael Gambon introduced Philippa Hart, a woman 25 years younger than him, to his fellow cast members as his girlfriend.

Their relationship came to light in 2002 when it became public knowledge, leading to Gambon moving out of the home he shared with his wife.

His involvement with Hart began in 2000 during their collaboration on the Channel 4 series “Longitude.”

In February 2007, it was revealed that Hart was expecting Gambon’s child, and she subsequently gave birth to a son. In 2009, Hart gave birth to Gambon’s third child.