Where Has Todd Gurley Gone? (The Whole Story)

Fans could be forgiven for never pausing to think, “Huh, I wonder where Todd Gurley is these days.” because the NFL cycle runs so absurdly quickly.

Only three years have passed since Gurley was a two-time reigning All-Pro, five years since he was the Offensive Player of the Year and MVP runner-up, and seven years since he was the Offensive Rookie of the Year. The career of the former Rams running back is the epitome of the proverbial candle that burns twice as brightly for half as long.

It’s true that Gurley’s 2020 season with the Falcons was a disappointing return to Georgia. Gurley was always there, but he never recovered from entering free agency with an average of 3.5 yards per rush.

Gurley may not have formally retired, but he seems to have no interest in coming back. The rise and collapse of his NFL career are briefly summarized below.

East Coast Fame from The Get-Go

His Parents, Darlene and Todd Gerome Gurley Sr. Welcomed Their Fourth Child, Todd Jerome Gurley Ii, on August 3, 1994, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Gurley’s Older Brother Shannon Signed Him up For Football with The Local Pop Warner League when He Was Just Six Years Old. While the Other Kids in The League Ranged in Age from Nine to Eleven, Todd Quickly Established Himself as The Greatest Player on His Team.

It Wasn’t Long After that When Gurley and His Family Settled in Tarboro, a Little Town in Edgecombe County with A Population of Just More than 10 Thousand.

what happened to todd gurley

Gurley Was Known as “mr. Big Man on Campus” During His Time at Tarboro High. He Demonstrated His Extraordinary Physical Gifts in A Variety of Sports, Including Football, Basketball, and Track.

His Baseball Coach Leshaun Jenkins Was Among the First to See that Gurley Had Star Potential. Jenkins Informed Gurley that One Day His Name Will Be on The Back of A Jersey at A Prominent College During a Brief Orientation for Incoming Freshmen at Tarboro High.

Ryan Wells, a Member of The Martin Middle School Football Coaching Staff, Was Another Man Who Recognized Huge Promise in Gurley. Gurley Was Going to Be a Great Player, He Said to Tarboro High School Football Coach Jeff Craddock.

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Future of Todd Gurley in The NFL

Gurley Is Content with Not Participating in The Super Bowl, Despite the Rams’ Victory in The Title Game Last Season.

Gurley Was Quoted on Lx.Com as Saying, “there Was Not One Occasion Where I Watched a Game and Was Like ‘i Wish I Was out There.'” During My Time in The League, I Was Able to Accomplish Goals I Never Thought Possible.

Gurley Hasn’t Ruled out A Comeback, but He Also Doesn’t Appear Unhappy with His Current Situation.

what happened to todd gurley

He stated, “I Appreciate Doing Stuff on My Time.” as He Put It, “the Best Thing About Being in The Position I’m in Is that I Can Do Whatever I Want to Do. I’ve Never Been the One that Liked to Be Controlled. I Like to Be in Control of My Own Path.” “if I Want to Try to Play Again, I Can Try to Pursue That. or If I Don’t, I Can Just Relax and Chill at The House and Spend a Lot More Time with My Family Because That’s What It’s All About at The End.”

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When Do Running Backs Often Reach Their “Age Cliff?”

If You’re a Fantasy Football Player Wondering Whether or Not You Should Lock up Players Like Austin Ekeler (27), Dalvin Cook (27), or Even Derrick Henry (28), It’s Generally Accepted that The Running Back Age Cliff Doesn’t Occur until Around the Age of 29 and That the Gurley Story Shouldn’t Deter You.

For Two Years in A Row, Gurley Led the League in Rushing Yards. However, He Recently Revealed that Arthritis Was a Major Factor in His Decline in Performance.

And the Nfl Is More Open than Ever Before to Utilizing Interchangeable Parts at Running Back. a Modern Running Back Must Be Able to Catch the Ball Almost as Well as He Can Run It. Which Is Why Guys Like Alvin Kamara and Joe Mixon Are Considered Such High-Impact Players.

what happened to todd gurley

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Though There Is a Lesson to Be Learned Here, It Boils Down to This: “don’t Draft Running Backs with Questionable Injury Histories.” Gurley Entered 2019 with Lingering Concerns About His Health, and Unfortunately, Those Concerns Were Swiftly Put to Rest.

Gurley’s Ascent and Fall Was a “you Had to Be There” Experience. for A While, He Was the Team’s Public Face and A Reliable Contributor on The Field for The Los Angeles Rams. He Seems Glad to Be out Of the Spotlight, for The Time Being, Suggesting that He May as Well Be Retired at This Point.