What Has Happened to Sarma Melngailis Of “Bad Vegan”?

where is sarma melngailis now

The newest true crime craze on Netflix has arrived. The four-part docuseries, titled Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives., focuses on Sarma Melngailis, the former proprietor of the vegan restaurant Pure Food and Wine in New York City, and their connection.

Strangis said he could fulfill all of Melngailis’ wishes, including making her cherished dog everlasting, so throughout the course of their relationship, Melngailis wired him over a million dollars while neglecting to pay her rent and restaurant payroll. The pair eventually departed New York and fled from law enforcement for ten months while residing under false names.

This brand-new episode of the Spring of Scam offers everything a viewer might want to keep them interested, including praise from Melngailis’ family and staff, a surprising celeb subplot, and frequent updates on the cute dog Leon. Many admirers are curious as to how Melngailis, a former restaurant owner, is now being fired since she appears in the documentary. Here is what we know about the current whereabouts of the fictitious evil vegan.

Did Sarma Go to Prison?

Melngailis accepted a plea agreement in 2017 and pleaded guilty to theft, tax fraud, and conspiring to deceive. Later that year, as a condition of the agreement, she served four months in jail.

where is sarma melngailis now

Regarding Strangis, the con artist was given a year in prison and five years of probation after pleading guilty to four counts of grand theft. He was also ordered to repay investors $840,000 in damages. Soon after completing her term, Melngailis sued for divorce.

Did Sarma Pay Back Her Employees?

The majority of the employees who worked at Pure Food and Wine during Melngailis and Strangis’ marriage either left the establishment or finally went on strike as a result of non-payment, and this is a significant portion of Bad Vegan.

The former restaurant owner eventually paid the workers who were unpaid during the time period depicted in the documentary; Melngailis claimed on her website(opens in new tab) that she was compensated for her contributions of source materials and images to the docuseries with a fee that went to the legal counsel for the workers.

where is sarma melngailis now

“Once this payment went through, I was relieved, but that only covered a small portion of what is still owed. I want to make clear that I’ll continue to strive towards eventually addressing everything, “She composed.

In addition, she stated that she did not profit from Bad Vegan other than the back pay, which she deducted from her income taxes. “The producers and/or Netflix can attest to this. Anyone who has appeared in a respectable documentary or who works in the field might attest to the widespread practice of not compensating subjects, “She composed.

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Where Does Sarma Melngailis Live?

The New York Post reports that Melngailis currently resides in the Harlem district of New York City with her rescue dog, Leon. Despite Strangis’ assurances to Melngailis, Leon isn’t currently immortal as far as we know. Melngailis informed Tudum of Netflix, “I feel really grounded when Leon is around.

When I’m anxious or unhappy, I will occasionally hold his face, gaze into his eyes, and reassure him that everything will be well. This helps me feel better. I guess I’m calming myself down. While some dogs become anxious when their owner leaves the house, with us, it’s the opposite. Leon is alright; I have anxiety when I’m not with Leon.”

where is sarma melngailis now

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Melngailis Has Been Called the ‘vegan Bernie Madoff’

Then, Everything Suddenly Changed. She Seems to Disappear in 2015. She and Her Husband Anthony Strangis—who Is Undoubtedly a Peculiar Guy, but We’ll Get to That—were Charged with Failing to Pay Employees After They Left Pure. She Was Being for For Fraud and Breaking the Law on The Job. She and Strangis Were Apprehended at A Tennessee Hotel After Ordering Delivery of A Domino’s Pizza that Was… Not so Vegan.

Yes, a Fast Food Company Acquired Melngailis, Who Earned the Moniker “vegan Bernie Madoff“—a Moniker so Delicious that The Netflix Treatment Seemed Inevitable. You Can’t Make up Certain Things, and Melngailis’s Rapid Rise in The Food Industry and Subsequent Deportation to Rikers Is One of Them.

The Pair Was Charged with 24 Charges of Theft, Fraud, and Tax Offences at The Time of Their Arrest. They Could Receive a Sentence of Up to 15 Years in Prison for Allegedly Stealing $2 Million from The Restaurant, Which Included Money Owing to Investors and Staff. They Owed $400,000 in Taxes to The Government.

The Cheesy Pie, Too? Melngalis Stated that She Was Still a Staunch Vegan and That It Was Strangis’ Command.

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