What is Charlie XCX Ethnicity? The British Pop Star is Actually Indian?

What is Charlie XCX Ethnicity? Charlotte Emma Aitchison, aka Charlie XCX, has raised up as one of the biggest names in the pop landscape. She has been described as ‘the pop futurist who broke every rule in music’ by The Independent.

Singer, songwriter, record producer, and music video editor, Charlie XCX has been appearing on the news since the question regarding her ethnicity was raised. Keep reading the article to uncover the truth behind Charlie XCX’s ethnicity.

charli xcx ethnicity

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What is Charlie XCX Ethnicity?

Charlie XCX is the daughter of Shameera, who is a nurse and flight attendant, and Jon Aitchison, an entrepreneur and show booker. Her father is Scottish, while her mother was born in Uganda. However, there is a little twist here, her mother is of Gujarati Indian descent.

BBC Radio conducted an interview with the star where she answered the questions surrounding her ethnicity. She explained that while the Indian roots she share never really have been spoken about openly, they are still a big part of her heritage.

charli xcx ethnicity

Charlie XCX was even involved in a spat with a social media user over the derogatory comment remarked on her appearance. A user from Florida had commented ‘XCX always looks dirty’. On this, Charlie XCX took to her Twitter and shushed the ignorant commenter by writing, “I am extremely proud of my Indian heritage. I love my roots and my family. Don’t call me/anyone ‘dirty’ bcoz of the colour of someone’s skin”.

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Charlie XCX’s Family

Charlie XCX’s father, Jon Aitchison, is a naturalized citizen of England, while her mother spent her childhood in Uganda with her Gujarati Indian family. Charlie has a good bond with her father. Initially, Jon Aitchison was not happy with his daughter’s career choice of performing at illegal events and raves. But as time grew and Charlie proved herself, he is now highly supportive of Charlie’s career.

Charlie XCX is proud of her ethnicity and let us protect the queen at all costs. She is of Scottish and Indian descent.