What Happened to Cam Newton? Now What Is He Doing?

where is cam newton now

Cam Newton was as powerful on the ground as he was via the air, making him one of the best quarterbacks of all time in the NFL. It was in 2015, the year he earned the NFL MVP award, that he led the underdog Carolina Panthers to their first and only Super Bowl appearance.

However, Newton has been in and out of the league over the previous few seasons, playing less important roles and picking up minor injuries that have sapped his explosiveness. And thus the question arises: Where exactly did Cam Newton disappear to? Where does he go from here? Do you think he’s any good? What follows is an explanation of those points as well as an update on the current activities of the once-greatest quarterback in the league.

Where Did Cam Newton Go?

Cam Newton didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, as he won’t be playing in the NFL in 2022 for the first time since being picked first overall. For the previous eleven years of his NFL career, Newton was either a key member of the Carolina Panthers or (for one terrible season) the New England Patriots.

where is cam newton now

Despite being healthy and ready to play, Newton is not currently affiliated with any NFL team because he refuses to serve as a backup quarterback for any of them. Also, he is still in demand because Newton reportedly rejected at least one offer to join a 53-man roster. Newton, however, is always in top physical shape, so he might join a playoff contender for the rest of the 2022 NFL season.

What Is Cam Newton Doing Now?

Cam Newton is relaxing, enjoying life to the fullest, and doing things he probably wouldn’t be doing if he were on an active NFL squad for the 2022 NFL season. Newton has made dozens of podcast appearances this year; some have stirred up controversy, others have bolstered his brand’s mystique, and the rest have been purely comedic.

In addition, Newton occasionally displays his extensive knowledge of the quarterback position by providing media analysis of games, players, and tactics. In addition, he shows he is maintaining his fitness for a return to the Gridiron by posting exercise videos on occasion.

where is cam newton now

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Summary of Cam Newton’s Professional History

We all know that in his prime, Cam Newton was an absolute monster on the football field, making it extremely difficult for defensive coordinators to devise strategies aimed at neutralizing him. The reason for this was his good arm, which accounted for 194 touchdown passes over his career.

But he was more of a quarterback with the skills of a Pro Bowl running back than the other way around. Throughout his 11 seasons in the NFL, Newton played in 148 games and amassed 5,628 running yards, 75 rushing touchdowns, and only 10 fumble losses.

As of this writing, Newton has thrown for 32,382 yards, 194 touchdowns, and 123 picks in 148 career games. He has scored 75 times in his career and has 5,628 yards rushing.

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Newton Would Have Been Comfortable Playing Backup to Mac Jones

According to a statement released by the New England Patriots, Cam’s absence from training camp and subsequent dismissal was the result of a “miscommunication” regarding team policy.

Cam States went to see a specialist about an injury he had and wound up leaving camp. Cam revealed all in an emotional video message to his father, Cecil Newton Sr., which he put on YouTube. “They gave me the approval to depart,” Cam said. Newton is convinced that he would have been kicked out of camp regardless of his whereabouts.

Ask yourself, “Do I think this would have happened without me being gone from the team for five days?” Asked Cam. “To be completely forthright, yeah, it was bound to occur. Was it a deciding factor? Yes.”

where is cam newton now

Reports that Newton wouldn’t have been Mac Jones‘ backup as a rookie were false, according to Newton. He feels that he’s been marginalized on the team in order to make room for Jones. If the Patriots had wanted him to, he says, he could have easily backed Jones.

If we’re being completely forthright, “Can we? They let me go because they knew I would be a problem even if I wasn’t the starting quarterback. Only my own personal energy. I was born with this talent, but it’s also my downfall. There is a lot of buzz and excitement when you announce that Cam Newton will be visiting your venue or franchise.

Ian Rapoport says teams aren’t interested in Cam because they think he can’t play backup. Regardless of what Cam says, Ian knows he was not meant to play a supporting role. In his words, Rapoport stated:

I’m not certain that Cam has the personality for a supporting role. To make matters worse, he is just too important. If things don’t work out, you don’t want your backup to be a famous, charismatic, and popular figure that everyone wants to play with. In other words, “backups” are not a job for everyone.

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