Where Is Jamison Bachman, The Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix, Now?

While the narrative of Jamison Bachman and the people he allegedly mistreated was the main attraction of Netflix’s “Worst Roommate Ever,” which became a streaming sensation earlier this year, the show was named after him. But in the end, did the Philadelphia serial squatter really end up in jail? Is the Netflix series an accurate depiction of the events depicted?

To find out, we need to go back and look at the media and paper trail left behind by Bachman in the real world, which includes articles in the Philly Voice, coverage on local television stations like 6abc Action News, and a lengthy feature in New York Magazine, as seen on the show.

Bachman, despite his cunning methods of apartment theft, had mostly evaded capture throughout the years. The tenant terrorizer was able to trick several landlords into letting him stay with them by using false identities and legal loopholes. Bachman routinely refused to pay rent and laughed in his roommates’ faces when they asked him to. Alex Miller, a former roommate of the couple, claimed on the episode, “When he laughed at me, it was diabolical” (via Oxygen). How much of “Worst Roommate Ever” actually happened, though? Where did the crucial details go?

For years, Jamison Bachman Fought with His Philadelphia Roommates and Accumulated New York City Debt.

Reports out Of Philadelphia Indicate that Jamison Bachman Was a Chronic Troublemaker who Frequently Tangled with The Law and The Justice System. He Had Racked up A Lot of Debt in The Big Apple, so He Kept Bouncing Between New York and Philadelphia (via the Philadelphia Inquirer).

According to New York Magazine and Other Media, Bachman Gained Notoriety in 2013 for Reportedly Trashing Melissa Frost’s West Philadelphia Home and Then Refusing to Leave. the Judge Who Presided Over the Subsequent Lawsuit Was Described in The Now Defunct City Paper as Telling Bachman, “what an Absolutely Amazing Person You Are. There Is No Way I Can Put Any Stock in What You Say, and You Actually Scare Me.” According to Reports, the Judge Mandated that Bachman Pay Frost $1,300 and Vacate Her Residence.

what happened to jamison bachman

Another Example of Bachman’s Wicked Practices, Which Included Throwing Cat Litter Into Toilets and Other Bizarre Techniques Like Removing Bath Mats, Is Frost’s Story, Which Was Told by “worst Roommate Ever” Those of Alex Miller, Arleen Hairabedian, and Sonia Acevedo (shown Above). Frost said the Activities of The Serial Squatter Took up His “whole Life.” Here Is Where Things Truly Began to Turn Lethal After Bachman’s Squatting Disasters.

The Method Bachman Used

Jamison Bachman Often Started by Moving in With Someone and Then Taking Over Their Home. He Did This By, at First, Appearing to Be a Pleasant Roommate. He Was Someone with A Secure Profession and A High Level of Education (Bachman Had Degrees from Both Georgetown University and The University of Miami), but He Was Also in A Bit of A Bind in His Personal Life.

For Instance, He Explained to Miller that Relocating to Philadelphia Would Allow Him to Be Closer to His Sick Mother and Brother. Bachman Tried to Move in With Another of His Victims by Saying He Had Lost His Home in Hurricane Sandy, a Big Storm that Hit the Northeast in 2012.

He Started Clashing with The Rightful Owner of The House as His Behavior Got Increasingly out Of the Ordinary and Overtly Hostile. Sometimes He Would Even Threaten to Sue Them or Evict Them from Their Lodgings. According to Intelligencer, Bachman Generally Failed, but His Numerous Past Roommates Noticed that It Wasn’t Really About the Property; Rather, He Appeared to Enjoy the Power Play of Gradually Taking Over a Home.

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Power Games by Bachman

Arleen Hairabedian Has One of the most Terrifying Stories of Any Former Roommate. as Reported by Intelligencer, Bachman Moved in With Hairabedian in 2006, Initially Planning for His Stay to Last No Longer than Two Months.

Bachman Stayed with Her for Four Years but Only Contributed One Month’s Rent. During the Fourth Year, Hairabedian’s Tolerance of Him Wore Thin. They Got Into a Fight. as A Result, Hairabedian Served Bachman with An Eviction Notice and A Restraining Order. Still, He Reported Her to The Police for Allegedly Threatening Him With A Knife. and While She Was Gone, Bachman Gave Hairabedian’s Pets to Local Kill Shelters After She Had Been Arrested.

One Roommate Claimed Bachman Swiped at Him with The Leg of A Coffee Table, and At Least Two Others Stated He Had Gotten Aggressive with Them. One of Bachman’s Ex-Roommates Mentioned that Bachman Frequently Carried a Baseball Bat Over His Shoulder.

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Where Did Jamison Bachman End Up?

The Intelligencer Reports that Harry’s Wife Became Concerned when He Didn’t Show up To Meet Her in Upstate New York. when The Cops Arrived, They Saw a Trail of Blood Leading from The Front Door to The Living Room. the Interior of Harry’s House Was a Mess, with Blood Splattered About the Dining Room and A Trail of Blood Leading to The Basement Door Where Harry’s Body Was Left.

Jamison Bachman, According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Was Charged with First and Third Degree Murder for The Death of His Brother. Harry “suffered Blunt Force Damage to The Head and Body,” According to The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

what happened to jamison bachman

After Hearing the News of Harry Bachman’s Passing, Alex Miller Reacted in “absolutely Horrible Roommate! “, exclaiming, “How Can He? at First, He Managed to Ruin Himself. and Then He Took the One Person in The World Who Could Have Helped Him and Killed Him: His Brother.”

Bachman Killed Himself Rather than Face the Charges Against Him in Court. on December 11, 2017, His Preliminary Hearing Was Scheduled. Bachman, However, Committed Suicide by Hanging in His Prison Cell Just Days Before His Court Date.

The Death of Bachman Stunned His Former Roommates, but They Also Felt a Deep Sense of Relief. Roommate Sonia Acevedo Said On-Screen in The Netflix Documentary, “I Feel Sorry, but I’m Glad He’s Not Around.” Another Bachman Roommate, Arleen Hairabedian, Told the Intelligencer, “i Wanted Him to Suffer.” Bachman’s Former Housemates Were Relieved to Have Finally Been Able to Put the Chapter of Their Lives Behind Them.