Where Is Robert Blake 15 Years After He Was Found Not Guilty of Killing His Wife?


Robert Blake is currently where? When his second wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, was killed in 2001, the actor playing Baretta moved from being a TV celebrity to become the focus of the tabloids overnight.

Blake reappeared in 2019, informing police that he was “beat up to hell” but that he was “still here” in a TV interview. The TV special Murder in the Family: Robert Blake will feature him as its focus on Saturday, January 23, at 9 p.m. EST on Reelz. What you need to know about Blake’s professional background, criminal case, and recent years is provided below.

Robert Blake Worked in Film and Television for Over Six Decades.

Blake Made His Acting Debut in Hollywood as A Young Actor in The Late 1930s, Portraying Mickey in The Our Gang Short Film Series. the Next Decade, He Played Little Beaver in The Red Ryder Film Series.

His Breakthrough Performance as An Adult Was His Portrayal of Real-Life Murderer Perry Smith in The 1967 Movie in Cold Blood, Which Was a Screen Adaptation of The Same-Named Truman Capote Book. He Also Played the Title Plainclothes Cop in The Abc Detective Series Baretta from 1975 to 1978, Which Earned Him the Outstanding Lead Actor in A Drama Series Emmy Award in 1975.


In the 1990s, He Portrayed Two of His Most Recent Roles in Film: A Transit Captain in The Action Film Money Train in 1995 and A “mystery Man” in The Neo-Noir Lost Highway in 1997.

Who Is Robert Blake?

Michael Gubitosi Was Given the Name Robert Blake on September 18, 1933, in New Jersey. He entered the Entertainment Business at A Young Age After Acting in The Red Ryder Movie Series as A Young Child. According to Michael Newton in His Book, “celebrities and Crime,” Blake Was Supposedly Mistreated as A Child by His Alcoholic Father as Well as By Both of His Parents.

Blake Was Frequently Punished by Being Confined to A Cupboard and Made to Eat Food Off the Floor. when He Was 14 Years Old, He Fled His House.

In MGM’s “bridal Suite” in 1939, He Made His Acting Debut as Toto. He then Appeared in “our Gang,” “dancing Romeo,” “The Big Noise,” “in Cold Blood,” and “the Treasure of The Sierra Madre.” His Most Well-Known Performance Was as Tony Baretta, the Titular Police Investigator, in The 1975–1978 Television Series “Baretta.” He Became Well-Known for His Catchphrases in The Part, Including “you Can Take that To the Bank” and “don’t Commit the Crime if You Can’t Do the Time.”


Actress Sondra Kerr and Blake First Got Married in 1961; They Later Divorced in 1983. He then Met Binnie Lee Blakely in 1999, Who Was Said to Have Taken Advantage of Older Men, Particularly Celebrities, for Financial Gain. She Was Dating Christian Brando, the Son of Marlon Brando when Blake and Blakely First Met.

When Blakely Gave Birth to A Daughter in 2000, She at First Claimed that Brando Was the Father. However, a Paternity Test Showed that Blake Was Actually the Father, and They Later Married in November 2000.

Blakely Was Killed on May 4, 2001, While the Couple Was out To Dinner in The Automobile that Was Parked on A Side Street Next to The Restaurant. Blake said that He Had Returned to The Eatery at The Time to Get His Pistol, Which Was Later Determined Was Not the Murder Weapon.

Is Robert Blake Still Alive?

Many Individuals Don’t Know Whether Robert Blake Is Still Alive or Not. Blake Is Still Alive and Is 88 Years Old as Of This Date. Additionally, the Actor Began Working in The Entertainment Business in 1939. Robert Blake Is a Potential Performer.

Aside from That, Robert Is Best Known in The Us for His Roles in The 1970s Television Series Baretta and The 1967 Film Cold Blood. Blake’s Playing Career Began in The Final Years of The Metro-Goldwyn-Our Mayer’s Gang (Little Rascals) Short Film Series, Which Ran from 1939 to 1944.

Where Is Robert Blake Now?

Even in The Years that Followed, the Case Pursued Him. Even if There Were Rumors that Brando Was Involved in The Murder, Blake’s Decision Stood. Since Then, He Has Maintained a Quiet Profile. After Paying the Majority of The Amount Due to The Court, He Also Found Himself in Serious Debt.

He Became Really Irritated by The Questions Asked of Him During One of The Interviews with Piers Morgan Tonight. He Became Combative to The Point of Swearing. However, He Said that His Relationship with His Ex-Wife Was Not a Poor One. Because God Never Gave Her the Little Ray of Sunshine that He Did for Me, I Occasionally Felt Bad for Her.


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He Has Discussed His Time in Prison as Well as The Numerous Concerns that Others Have About Him. Later, He Disclosed His Family’s History of Abuse in Interviews, Particularly Those with Abc in 2019. His Marriage to Pamela Hudak Became Public Knowledge in 2017.

She Was One of The Witnesses Who Spoke in Favor of Blake Throughout the Trial. They Did, However, Divorce in 2019. Blake and The Former Actress Received a Divorce with The Right to Keep Their Individual Assets Private. Blake, Who Chronicled His Experiences in A Book, Is Still Living His Life.

It’s Interesting to Note that Rose, Blake’s Daughter, Whose Birth Sparked a media frenzy over the DNA test, opened up in 2019 and discusses her experience growing up in the shadow of this murder case in an interview with Goodmorning America. “I feel like anyone would want to know the solution,” she remarked.


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I believe I have been uncertain for 19 years. It would be shocking if I discovered overnight whether or not he killed her. And similar to Rose, the murder is still unsolved today despite the fact that Blake was found guilty of the crime without any concrete evidence. Blake’s current location is unknown, although it is reasonable to presume that he still resides in Los Angeles and is in generally good condition.

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