Tammy Slaton Then and Now: Look at How Much Weight She Has Lost!

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Tammy Slaton, star of TLC’s 1000-Lb Sisters, shed 115 pounds after a terrifying medical emergency, shocking viewers who had watched her battle with weight reduction over the course of the show’s three seasons. Chris, Tammy’s brother, stated in the season three finale that Tammy had been rushed to the hospital the day after checking into a treatment centre for food addiction because she had stopped breathing.

The TLC star was ventilator-dependent and placed in a medically-induced coma. Amanda, Tammy’s sister, stated, “They’re basically telling us that her lungs have given out, and like, her body is closing down.” Amanda also added that the family was “facing making funeral preparations” for Tammy.

After the reality star regained consciousness, a tracheotomy was performed to place a breathing tube in her throat. After three weeks in the hospital, she went back to therapy.

Chris offered her some encouraging news regarding his sister while she was here. In the last episode, he boasted to the cameras, “She’s dropped 100 [pounds] — I think she told me 115 pounds in all — in 30 days.” I couldn’t be happier that she was on board and eager for the train to go.

In February 2022, Tammy informed her fans on TikTok that she was still living at the food addiction treatment clinic following her medical emergency. She intends to remain at the Ohio rehabilitation centre until the summer.

Tammy hasn’t updated her followers in a while, but in June 2022, she posted a video on TikTok in which she addressed the rumours that she was drinking soda and instead revealed that she was sipping on zero-sugar drinks. Despite suffering from a bacterial illness, the reality TV star promised her TikTok fans that she was doing “fine” in September 2022.

Currently, Tammy Slaton Resides in Which City? the Star Known as The “1000-Lb Sisters” May Be Found Here.

The viewers of the show remember that Tammy and Amy used to share an apartment in Dixon, Kentucky. All through the show, she battled many health problems that stemmed from her extreme weight. At the end of Season 3, she checked into an Ohio rehabilitation centre to get help losing weight.

A collapsed lung meant she’d be admitted to the hospital on her first day. Even though she fully recovered, she will need to spend more time in rehabilitation. Tammy is still at the Ohio rehabilitation facility at the time of this writing. In fact, most of the fourth season focuses on Tammy’s battle to maintain her weight reduction progress while living so far away from her loved ones.

Fortunately, she has no shortage of good news. Tammy announced in an exclusive People video that she has lost a total of 87 pounds, putting her at or below the weight requirement for bariatric surgery. Caleb Willingham, her new husband, whom she met in treatment, is mainly responsible for her transformation.

A report in InTouch claims that once Tammy and Caleb are released from treatment, they would return to her native Kentucky to start a new life together. But she’ll have a lot on her plate when she comes home.

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Actress Tammy Slaton allegedly underwent weight-reduction surgery.

Even while Tammy’s wedding is a major milestone, it isn’t the only one. According to The Sun, the Sisters star, who weighed in at a whopping 1,000 pounds, also had weight loss surgery this summer. That’s a huge victory for the real personality, who had been working hard to get to a healthy weight for years in order to be considered for bariatric surgery.

The operation apparently went smoothly, according to the tabloid’s source. Tammy went back to the treatment centre for another two weeks of observation to make sure her progress was on track. She decided to stay at the centre for a little longer as she readjusted to her new, slimmer body following the procedure.

According to reports, though, she plans on returning to Kentucky before the month’s end.

There has been controversy over Tammy Slaton’s weight loss.

Obesity has severely harmed Tammy Slaton’s health from the minute TLC cameras began documenting her life. And yet, Tammy was able to continue living her normal life. It wasn’t until Tammy ended up in a coma with collapsed lungs and was confined to a rehabilitation centre that things started looking good for her.


Whether it was the wake-up call of Tammy’s health emergency or the discipline of living in a rehabilitation centre, Tammy’s physique has started to transform. Indeed, as Tammy’s brother Chris revealed in the 1000-lb Sisters season three finale, Tammy had already lost 115 pounds at that time.

Seemingly making progress in her weight loss while at treatment, Tammy has been posting pictures of herself on Instagram recently.


Although Tammy Slaton’s health is improving, she has recently managed to alienate many of her devotees. This is because Tammy disappointed her most ardent admirers by not showing up to a live stream she had advertised to promote a sticker company.

Tammy has given her audience a lot of reasons to be upset, what with her own TikTok channel being blocked in the past for selling unregistered products to users.

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