Fans of “Love Is Blind” Will Be Shocked to Learn About SK’s Affairs.

Season 3 of Love Is Blind actress Raven Ross finally opened out about how she learned that Sikiru “SK” Alagbada had cheated on her. Raven became well-known during her stint on the programme when she was matched with SK, a fan favourite from Nigeria. In spite of the fact that they were at the altar, SK ultimately decided to reject the proposal.

It was a thrilling moment when they revealed on the reunion programme that they were still dating, even though SK believed they were not ready to marry at the time. Nevertheless, their plans to continue strengthening their bond were cut short when she accused SK of cheating on her not long after they had renewed their love.

Although Raven did not leave Love Is Blind married, she did discover a relationship she considered to be a good one. After discussing the adultery rumours in Love Is Blind: After the Altar and an interview with ET, Raven expanded on her previous comments. After “finding out on TikTok with the rest of the world,” Raven told ET.

She continued by saying that she was doing OK now, but that it was not an easy circumstance to deal with for her and her family. In addition, Raven disclosed that she and SK were living together at the time the claims occurred and that he was not in California for school.

Who cheated on Raven with SK? Hannath Beth, A TikToker, Provided Receipts.

Who cheated on Raven with SK? Hannath Beth, a TikToker, provided receipts.

Please play “Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé, Alexa. In light of SK’s actions, we do retract our earlier statement on our music selection. Influencer Hannah Beth said in a since-deleted TikTok that she and SK had an on-again, off-again romance from 2019 until 2022.

She offered a detailed account of her experience with SK to the audience in the video. Hannah began by describing how she and SK were once friends who later fell in love. The two frequently went together and attended social gatherings like weddings and birthday parties together.

She claimed that even after they split, they remained close friends. Hannah continued the video by showing SK numerous pictures of herself at various events. But, according to Hannah, things started to become muddy when SK allegedly asked her to travel to Ibiza in late July 2021 and provided text messages and location stamps as evidence.

To send herself images, she requested Sk to show her his phone, and when she did, she saw messages from someone whose name was marked as “fiancée.” Hannah asserts that she addressed SK once again since she was still concerned about it. She asserts that she consented to see Raven after he informed her she could do so.

After seeing Raven on Instagram, Hannah liked a few of her pictures and followed her. Hannah claims that when she and SK were waiting for an Uber, she caught a glimpse of Raven’s text to SK, asking about her and including a screenshot of Hannah’s Instagram profile.

“I promised you I was going to handle it,” SK allegedly said to Hannah. Hannah admitted that even though she had let it go before, she still had strange feelings about it. She gave SK an invitation to travel to Cabo in May 2022. According to her, he bought their tickets.

According to the text message receipts Hannah kept, SK also visited Hannah in August of that year. In September, SK sent her a vacation invitation to Miami, but it was cancelled.

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After the Altar From “Love Is Blind”: Raven Claims Sk Cheated After the Second Proposal

After the Altar from "Love Is Blind": Raven claims SK cheated after the second proposal

“There wasn’t much hesitation. In response to SK’s second proposal, Raven said, “I was genuinely extremely eager for it. I didn’t know about any infidelity at that time. We were on a good road in the final few months of our relationship, and I was certain of it. I believe that when I got re-engaged, I was eager to kind of start again.

The Pilates teacher disclosed that she and the fellow Texan were “engaged for several months” before they ended their relationship permanently. The infidelity chronology was “a little bit hard,” Raven said, “since I found out with everyone else on TikTok and social media. Most individuals find it difficult to have difficult talks.

And at first, we had a very, really, really hard time with it. SK’s alleged adultery included some “receipts,” according to the health coach, who told Us on Monday that some of them “were from even before the show even came out.” Although Raven insisted she was “very understanding” of those particular accusations, she also asserted that “there were other [messages] that absolutely were when we were together too.”

You need to accept responsibility for what transpired, particularly considering that we were engaged, she said. There were two sides to the coin. Raven clarified that their relationship finally failed as a result of the aftermath of the charges. The hardest aspect for us to go through, according to her, was the aftermath and sort of the reaction later.

Just being able to hold one another’s perspectives and speak with one another was “like, not happening,” She and SK were cohabitating at the time that information about his purported discretions first surfaced, the Barre instructor said. Even leaving our flat proved to be challenging.

Like any other regular relationship, we [were] trying to figure things out,” she said. The feeling that others were holding both of us to high standards was perhaps a little hard. Breakups are really difficult to go through. It’s challenging, and making it public makes it much more so.