Who Is Angus Cloud Dating? What Was the Actor’s Relationship Status Before Death?

Who is Angus Cloud dating? Fans of the HBO television series Euphoria were shocked to learn of Angus Cloud’s passing on July 31, 2023, at the age of 25.

He was arguably most recognized for his role as Fezco in that show. Just weeks after the death of his father, the actor passed away at his family’s Oakland, California, home, according to a statement sent to TMZ.

The statement stated,

“It is with the heaviest heart that we had to say goodbye to an incredible human today. As an artist, a friend, a brother, and a son, Angus was special to all of us in so many ways.”

Although Cloud was very private—possibly because he was trying to maintain normalcy as he gained more fame—this also contributed to the many speculations that surrounded Angus’ love life before his tragic death.

Cloud, though, typically shied away from discussing his personal life in public. He said to the Vice:

“I don’t like people noticing me on the street “I’m really paranoid. I feel like I’m always looking over my shoulder.

I do always show love to people who approach me, but some people just run up and just shove their phones in my face. Dude, I’m not a clown at a carnival.”

Despite his extreme secrecy, there are few details regarding Cloud’s love life that are known. Here’s what is known about the enigmatic “Euphoria” fan favorite’s heart.

Who Was Angus Cloud Dating Before Death?

who is angus cloud dating

Angus Cloud was dating Sydney Martin, a model, and actress before his death. They had an on-off relationship as per Daily Mail.

Since they posed for PDA-heavy images together and she uploaded them on Instagram, their potential romance seemed to have the most foundation.

The caption on the pictures, which can be seen above, said, “Euphoria is out in 2 days.” She also tagged Angus’ account in the tweet and added three red heart emoticons.

Sydney has a reputation for modeling for companies like IconSwim and Pretty Little Things. She also played a little part in Euphoria’s second season, which might have been how she and Angus first connected.

Sydney Martin was one of the first people to mourn Cloud’s death as she shared a series of Instagram stories on her account expressing her pain.

One of her stories shows a picture of Cloud and she wrote down on the picture that “my heart is so broken. I love you forever ❤. And other slides contain the couple’s cute PDAs.

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Angus Cloud Dating Dating History

Maude Apatow

who is angus cloud dating

Early in 2022, after they were spotted out together on several occasions, Maude Apatow and the late actor, who portrayed Lexi with Angus on Euphoria, were said to be dating. One of them includes a romantic evening in New York City.

According to reports, Angus posted a picture of the evening on his Instagram account with the captions “A Lil NYC date” and “#Fexi,” a combination of the names of his and Maude’s characters from the television show Euphoria.

A few days later, the young celebrities posed for adorable pictures together again during New York Fashion Week.

They donned similar black and gray tartan outfits from Thom Browne, and Maude’s had a dog-shaped pocketbook to match. The pictures showed them both grinning and seeming very at ease with one another.

Prior to the romance allegations, Charlie Christie, Maude’s boyfriend and talent manager, was known to have split up in either 2019 or 2020.

Fans frequently remarked on their images and expressed optimism that Angus and Maude were bringing the Euphoria love story of their characters to reality, even though neither of them ever explicitly admitted they were dating at the time.

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Chase Sui Wonders

who is angus cloud dating

Angus and Chase Sui Wonders had a romantic relationship at one time in 2022. During their collaboration for Interview magazine, the actress and the hottie appeared in a number of pictures.

Wearing Thom Browne attire akin to the one he wore with Maude, they conducted back-and-forth interviews with each other throughout the project.

Fans entertained the notion of a potential romance despite the fact that there were no other indications that they had ever been romantically involved due to the way the two appeared to be comfortable in the pictures. However, by the beginning of 2023, Chase had begun dating comedian Pete Davidson.