Who Is Brianna Chickenfry Dating? Says She Is ‘Hanging Out’ with Zach Bryan!

Who is Brianna Chickenfry dating? Brianna Chickenfry whose real name is Brianna LaPaglia is a social media influencer and content producer best known for her work on TikTok.

Her amusing and relatable films, which frequently dealt with issues like dating, going out, and hangovers, helped her become well-known and successful.

Brianna, a native of Massachusetts, rose to prominence on the TikTok platform rapidly and gained a sizable fan base for her humorous content.

The internet is raging over the question – who is Brianna Chickenfry dating? After she disclosed some facts about her love life on the BFF podcast.

So, who is Brianna Chickenfry dating? Is she dating Zach Bryan? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the social media influencer’s relationship status.

Who Is Brianna Chickenfry Dating?

who is brianna chicken fry dating

Brianna Chickenfry is dating country singer Zach Bryan. Yes, it is official now! Zach Bryan is dating a new woman as per Page Six.

After his divorce from girlfriend Deb Peifer in May, Barstool Sports personality Brianna Chickenfry confirmed she is seeing the country musician.

In the episode of her podcast “PlanBri Uncut” that aired on Thursday, Brianna LaPaglia addressed the dating rumors. She confided to her co-host Grace O’Malley, saying,

“I think I might have some stuff to address: I’ve been hanging out with a guy named Zach.”

“Zach, who?” O’Malley enquired. Chickenfry, 24, finally said,

“Bryan,” after he hesitated. “[We] started hanging out … what, three weeks ago?”

The influencer informed listeners in another section of the program, dubbed “The Cat’s Out of the Bag,” that she felt compelled to address the issue personally after reading rumors online. She added,

“It’s fun, it’s casual, and yeah, just wanted to address it because the whole internet is freaking the f–k out and people are doing s–t,” 

Chickenfry explained:

“I’ve been on the podcast lying — not lying — but like, but not talking about where I was or making stories up, and then we’d [be] caught and s–t, and then we’d have to cut stuff. And that is so opposite of what we do,”

“It’s the one thing I just wanted for me, and it just sucks with the internet, how they speculate and s–t with timelines and stuff. It’s just stupid, so I figured I would just say it before the whole internet gets to say who I am and what I’m doing, you know?”

O’Malley added her two cents, commenting on how “happy” her co-host and BFF seemed. At the end of the talk about the topic Chickenfry concluded:

“We’re just hanging out, having fun, and that’s where I’ve been, that’s what I’ve been doing, that’s what I’m gonna be doing for a little bit. We’ll see where it goes, and I’m happy,” 

When they each attended the 2023 ACM Awards in Dallas in May, they eventually crossed paths. After taking a picture with Bryan on the red carpet, Chickenfry claimed she could not “stop smiling” at the time.

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Brianna Chickenfry’s Dating History

who is brianna chicken fry dating

Brianna Chickenfry was dating a guy named Joey, whose real name is unknown and who is not a social media star. They simply posted their cute Instagram photos; she hasn’t said anything about him.

Before dating Joey, Chickenfry used to date NFL football player Nik Pelligrino. The relationship was having a negative impact on both of their mental health, so the pair decided to end their relationship after dating for a while.

She hasn’t disclosed many specifics about her new lover because she hasn’t been in a public relationship aside from Pelligrino.

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She rose to fame as a TikTok star when she was young, and her career as a Barstool presenter and podcast host is currently flourishing.