Who Is Coco Gauff Dating? Delving Into the Tennis Star’s Relationship Status!

Who is Coco Gauff dating? The world was stunned by American tennis player Coco Gauff in 2019. She eliminated Venus Williams in the Wimbledon first round, establishing herself as a rookie to watch.

Gauff presently has rankings of 3 in doubles and 6 in singles. She is aiming to go through the tournament’s latter rounds as one of the top seeds in the current Indian Wells Masters.

Gauff will turn 19 this year, and we can only hope that she will up her game. The American actress was raised in Georgia by her parents, despite being born in Florida. Gauff’s parents relocated back to Florida once they saw how talented she might be at tennis.

Who Is Coco Gauff Dating?

who is coco gauff dating

Coco Gauff is not dating anyone right now. The young athlete has devoted her childhood to the sport and has carried that attitude into adulthood.

Gauff has established herself as a player to keep an eye on in the years to come, and she is eager to establish herself as one of the finest players in the world. She is now unmarried and devoted to developing her professional career.

Coco Gauff is aware of the numerous diversions that arise in life when one becomes a well-known figure. But right now, the young youngster is totally focused on tennis.

Even though she has accomplished a lot in tennis, she still hopes to surpass giants like Serena Williams and Jelena Ostapenko. The young American athlete has undoubtedly laid a solid basis for achieving such ambitious ambitions with the support of her parents and friends.

Okay, now we know that she is single at the moment and focused on her career but we also do know that every person has a celebrity crush then she must have a crush on somebody, so who is he? Let’s find out!

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Who Is Coco Gauff’s Celebrity Crush?

who is coco gauff dating

Despite being devoted to tennis, Coco Gauff is also quite active in other areas of her life. The American celebrity once discussed her crushes and idols on a podcast.

According to Gauff, she is a fan of Michael B. Jordan, a well-known Hollywood actor. She claimed that Jordan is quite attractive on a Tennis.com podcast.

“I think Michael B. Jordan. I think he is very good-looking. He is outta my age range. I would just meet him. I like Michael B Jordan a lot.”

The son of famous actor Will Smith, Jaden Smith is also a favorite of Gauff’s. Growing up, Coco Gauff had a crush on Jaden Smith.

She said that she yelled when Jaden Smith applauded her performance on Twitter in an interview with CBS Mornings. Her friends were also happy for her because they were aware of how much she liked Jaden.

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Like every other sports figure, Gauff has a favorite tennis player. Gauff, like many other young girls, was inspired by Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

Gauff complimented Venus for being an inspiration to her after making Wimbledon history with her historic debut.