Who is Eden McCoy Dating? Investigating the Potential Romance Partner of Her!

Who is Eden McCoy dating? Too many couples from the screen have transitioned into the real world. The captivating on-screen connection becomes a certain giveaway every time!

Consequently, General Hospital felt Joss and Dex’s magnetic pull, which made us feel like spidey sense tingling! The number of images of Eden and Evan on Eden’s Twitter page further increased the suspicion.

So, is Eden McCoy dating Evan Hofer? Or is she dating someone else? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the actress’ current significant other.

Who Is Eden McCoy Dating?

who is eden mccoy dating

There are rumors that Eden McCoy might be dating Evan Hofer. It seems like there might be some sparks flying off-screen as well for Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer! Yep, you heard it right!

The rumors about this on-screen couple dating in real life started swirling when Eden McCoy penned a touching and heartfelt message to Evan Hofer on his birthday, referring to him as a ‘Very Special Man.’

To which Evan Hofer even replied in the comment “You’re the best wifey ❤️”, this message even fueled further speculations but it is also possible that he is writing it in the context of the couple’s on-screen romance.

Since then, keen observers have noticed that the co-stars are frequently spotted traveling and spending quality time together when they’re not on set.

What’s more intriguing is that there are hints that Eden McCoy might have ended her previous relationship, which has only fueled speculation about a possible romance between her and Evan Hofer.

Who knows, maybe love truly blossomed amid the lights and cameras! Time will tell, but for now, fans are certainly buzzing about the possibility of something more than just an on-screen connection between these two talented actors.

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Eden McCoy’s Dating History

who is eden mccoy dating

Eden McCoy was previously in a relationship with José San Martín in 2022. The couple was very open about their relationship as they used to share sweet moments together on social media.

While things appeared to be going well for the couple, their Instagram postings that included one another have now been archived or deleted. Since January 2023, Eden has stopped commenting on Jose’s Instagram posts.

José continues to follow Eden McCoy on social media accounts, but they have stayed mum about why the postings were removed.

With her partner, José San Martin, Eden McCoy, a star of The Game Shakers, was engaged in a romantic relationship. In 2022, the pair began dating, and since then, their union has been nothing short of a fairytale.

In June 2022, the two-time Emmy nominee made her relationship status official on Instagram by posting a picture of them cuddling at Beso Beach.

At about the same moment, the boyfriend published another Instagram post in which he gushed about the bunny-eared soap star who was curled up in his arms and sitting on his lap. He said:

To the prettiest girl, I’ve ever met in a library, Happy bday.” to which Eden McCoy replied, “I love you [bunny emoji] last sentence is NOT TRUE ANYMORE.”

who is eden mccoy dating

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McCoy has never been afraid to express her affection for her beau on social media. They embarked on multiple holidays together, and up to the end of 2022, she constantly gushed over him and the pictures she took.

Unfortunately, by 2023, Eden and her partner had ceased talking about one another on social media. They appeared to have archived most of the additional posts, despite having first released a handful more.

The lewd remarks, though, are unaltered. Eden was usually quick to make humorous comments about her boyfriend’s photos.

Jose tweeted a photo of himself in front of a mirror in August 2022, and Eden quickly replied, “This is what happens when you date a Gemini.”

Fans are quite curious since she stored all of her love photos with her fiancé and began posting cuddly photos with her co-star, Evan.